CMC Hospital Medical Visa Invitation Letter

A Visa Invitation Letter or VIL is a document issued by a hospital for an international patient who wishes to avail treatment at their facility. It is a letter that invites you to the hospital. The visa invitation letter is a common yet vital requirement as it helps the patient with the visa process by substantiating her case for a medical visa. VIL ensures the patient does not overstay their welcome in the host country.


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Christian Medical College in Vellore is one of the most prestigious hospitals in India for advanced medical treatment. Many International patients come to CMC Hospital in Vellore from the Middle East, UK, USA, Australia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc. A CMC hospital medical visa invitation letter is a pre-requisite for you to get treatment there.


About CMC Hospital, Vellore


CMC, or Christian Medical College, is a NABH-accredited multi-specialty hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The hospital offers a vast range of different medical specialties, with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, alongside primary and secondary-level care for local communities.


Catering to a wide range of clinical specialties, their medical facility offers specialized departments, each often further divided into units with distinct expertise in specific fields.


For example, the Division of Surgery is divided into seven departments specializing in fields such as Head and Neck Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Colorectal Surgery.


CMC has garnеrеd spеcific rеcognition for dеpartmеnts such as Nеurosciеncеs, Gastroеntеrology, and Haеmatology, whеrе they arе a national lеadеr in trеating rarе blood disеasеs and doing bonе marrow transplants.


Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Developmental Paediatrics, and Palliative Care are the less well-known specialties the hospitals prioritise. Ophthalmology and Psychiatry departments are situated on separate campuses, along with the Rehabilitation Institute.


The facility boasts 106 wards, including 11 ICUs and 6 HDUs, with approximately 76% of the beds located in general wards, and these are subsidized to alleviate the financial burden on the patients. The hospital maintains 39 major operation theaters and an additional 14 facilities for minor procedures, performing an average of 185 operations daily.


Diagnostic services are conveniently offered in-house by the Radiology Department, Nuclear Medicine, and Laboratories. Radiology reports are accessible through a filmless digital system (PACS), allowing doctors to view X-rays and scans from any networked computer. All laboratory test results can be accessed through the hospital intranet as part of CMC’s comprehensive “clinical workstation” hospital information system.


Why Choose CMC Hospital For Advanced Medical Treatment?


There are many reasons as to why you should choose CMC Vellore for your treatment:


  • Presence of highly-experienced healthcare professionals
  • Readily available advanced technology and cutting-edge medical equipment
  • High success rates and faster recovery
  • The presence of effective post-operative team for efficient palliative care
  • Affordable treatments and tests
  • Post-Travel connection with patients
  • Video Consultation with CMC Doctors
  • International Insurance Coverage at CMC Hospital


What Details Are Added In The CMC Hospital Medical Visa Invitation Letter?


There are specific details that are required in the CMC hospital medical visa invitation letter, such as:


1. Full name

2. Date of birth

3. Address

4. Type of home (owned or rented)

5. Phone number

6. Occupation

7. Status in the country (resident, citizen, etc.)

8. Signature


The information related to you should include:


1. Full name

2. Date of birth

3. Home address

4. Phone number

5. Relationship to the host

6. Purpose of your trip

7. Arrival and departure dates


What Documents Are Required For CMC Hospital Medical Visa Invitation Letter?


The following documents are required for you to get a CMC hospital medical visa invitation letter:


  • Investigatory reports specific to the treatment
  • Passport of the patient
  • Passport of the attendant


Do note that for surgeries, an attendant must accompany the patient. Or else the VIL request will be rejected.


What Is The CMC Hospital Medical Visa Invitation Letter Fees?


There are no fees for a CMC hospital medical visa invitation letter. The VIL is issued by CMC Hospital, Vellore, to its international patients at no cost.


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