A Journey From Depression To Sitting Besides A Superstar



“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

   The important thing is not to stop imagining”


This is the mantra of my life, Hi, I am Abhishek, a 17-year-old boy of a middle-class family from the city Lucknow aka “Nawabo ka Shehar” where there is a famous quote for this city ” Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Me Hai” and I believe in it very strongly.


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I was the best student in my class, full of life energy. My friend called me Mr. Allrounder. I always lived in this dream that one day I will become a famous neurosurgeon.


I had put all the effort to make my dream come true and my family always assured me, “we are with you”


After completing my schooling, I was sent by my parents to Kota for the Medical entrance preparation, and I was also giving my best. Unfortunately, I didn’t get selected for the medical entrance examination in my first attempt.


A Journey From Depression to Sitting Besides Amitabh Bachchan


However, the surprise, my friend who always scored lesser marks than me got selected in the medical entrance examination.


But I never lost my hope and decided to do the preparation once again but alas luck was not with me and I did not get clear the entrance even in the second attempt. As the famous proverb “throw a lucky man in the sea and he came out with the fish”.


At the same time, family and social pressure had peaked over time. My parents also started comparing me with the other children.


I started feeling like a loser. I felt that there is something wrong with me and all my dreams were a myth.


These thoughts deeply entered into my mind which started making me restless. I even started avoiding talking and going out with my friends. I laid on the bed the whole day.


I started to avoid my family phone calls from my family. I stopped interacting with the teachers, and friends in the class as well. In short, I was dealing with a mental illness and I had no idea about that.


But, I was quite lucky as my parents came to meet me at Kota. They saw lots of behavioral changes in me, as I was not the usual self. I was quite disturbed and depressed.


So, my parents decided to bring me back home and then made a visit to a counselor nearby. And she confirmed, yes, I am dealing with depression which is getting serious by the day.


The counselor asked me to share my feelings, what I am going through and started my counseling session.


During the treatment and counseling, I realized “every day is a new day with new hope for life” So I started gathering all my hope and enthusiasm and I gave my life a U-turn. I started getting involved in the things that I liked.


One fine day by the grace of the god, I got selected for the contest Kaun Banega Millionaire. This selection became a turning point in my life. I played very well at the contest and smiled my way to the bank.


Never lose your hope and confidence in yourself. And never ignore any mental or behavioral changes in your close ones. If someone is not talking like before, then it doesn’t mean he is rude or if someone is not smiling as before that he has changed.


Maybe he or she is dealing with a mental illness. Try to help them to recognize his health condition and also help them to come out from the turmoil.


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