Diabetes Success Story of Purnendra Who Has Reversed It



Name: Purnendra


Age: 52


Place: Noida





Hi, I am Purnendra Awasthi from Noida, 52 years of age and working in a semi-government organization in Noida itself. I have a family history of Diabetes. I am taking precautions to prevent diabetes since my childhood. Even I avoid sugary beverages and all sweet items and practice regular exercise.

I realized that consumption was increasing my blood pressure. It was not allowing me to lose weight. All these content were very high-fat food items. I could not manage my sugar levels and this led to me being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

You must remember a good diabetes care team is necessary. I was aware that diabetes could also cause heart diseases and I was not ready to lose to life.

I then told my self it was time to reverse type 2 diabetes. I was ready for every primary care that I could get. Manage my blood glucose level well. So, this is my own success story.

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My Diagnosis:



Unfortunately, my lifestyle didn’t help completely and I was not able to prevent myself from diabetes. Maybe just because of my sedentary lifestyle. On my regular health checkup, my blood sugar level was high and it was a big shock to me. My doctor suggested me for HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c), which was also high, around 11%.



My doctor prescribed a proper medication to control my blood sugar level. Along with that, he suggested me to follow a proper diet plan with 30 minutes of a brisk walk in the morning as well as in the evening. He also suggested to monitor my blood sugar level regularly and make a chart. I started following whatever my doctor suggested to me in terms of diet as well as physical exercises.



My Turning Point:


It really worked for me. I started examining my blood sugar level and surprisingly it got reduced day by day and consulted regularly to my doctor. After a month, my doctor reduced the dose of the medicine and still my blood sugar level was in control. After 3 months, he suggested me to stop the medicines completely and to follow the diet plan and exercise as before.



After all the struggle I faced in these three months, I have had a check-up of my HbA1c again which was 7.5, which is completely normal. Now I am following the same plan and I got rid of diabetes.

It was a difficult time of his life when Mr. Purnendra Awasthi, a 52-year-old professional was diagnosed with Diabetes. You must have heard about people with chronic disease struggling and depressed, but that was not the same for Mr. Awasthi. As a jolly good man, his life skills are goals for an adult. He is a Bollywood fanatic and when asked he says, he believes in the song “Ruk Jana Nahi, Tu Kabhi har Ke” from the movie Imtehaan. You have to know that life is unpredictable, but making the best of it is what gives you true happiness. He believes that a good lifestyle can move mountains and help you overcome any obstacle in life.


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