When a protest turns violent, the innocent suffer!

17th Dec, For me it was just like another day. I was going to the hospital for my regular health checkup, I took it from my usual stop. I am Deepak Kumar from Delhi, a normal senior citizen of the country.


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I was sitting comfortably in my seat and the bus was moving. Suddenly some people came and stopped the bus and started throwing stones on it. I could not understand what was happening. Everybody was trying to get out. But suddenly someone set the bus on fire.


I was also trying to get come out of the bus. But I was not able to do so, because suddenly a sharp pain started in my heart which was constantly increasing.


My condition was getting worse and people were pushing me continuously. Finally, I gave up trying and I sat down. But one of the fellow passengers saw me in such condition and he came to me, held me strongly and waited for the crowd to move.


As the crowd subsided, he took me off from the bus and to a nearby hospital. Here, the doctor examined me and surprised me saying that I had a heart attack.


This was not my first attack, I am a heart patient. And I could not handle that panic situation and I got an attack at that moment.


But I am very grateful to that boy, who helped me in such a condition. He did not think about himself and saved my life by taking me to the hospital.


This was one of the scariest days of my life. I can never forget this accident.


I am not against any Protest, nor am I justifying that CAA is right or wrong. But is it right to throw stones on a bus which has common people? Is it right to set it on fire?


I am an apolitical person, and certainly have no arguments to defend and support the protest. But people like me, who just want to travel and do their everyday tasks, do we deserve this treatment? What joy does burning buses and pelting stone would give anyone? Also, the day to day life is halted by this and some of us may have a huge loss due to such conditions.


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