Neurotoxicity: A damage to the nervous system


There are various complex conditions of which, many of us aren’t aware of. Coming to the brain, it’s already a super complex organ of the human body. Wherein, if the brain encounters some toxins, it can give rise to several complex conditions among which there is Neurotoxicity. You need to read ahead to understand what exactly it is.


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Understand The Neurotoxicity


When the brain is exposed to toxic- either natural or artificial- it alters the normal activities of the nervous system, which is called neurotoxicity. The alterations in the normal activity of the nervous system result in the damage. Where chemotherapy and radiation both can be neurotoxic.


These neurotoxic effects might occur shortly after or during the treatment or month-years backing treatment, contingent on drugs and doses. Effects that develop early often resolve on their own, however, late effects exhibit permanent damage. A combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy raises the risk of neurotoxicity.


Symptoms of Neurotoxicity


The condition’s symptoms may differ, in general, they might include:


1. Anxiety

2. Confusion

3. Depression

4. Trouble moving or loss of coordination

5. Extreme sleepiness

6. Sensory loss: When there is a loss of vision, hearing or taste.

7. Nausea and vomiting

8. Tinnitus: The sensation of ringing or other sounds in your ears.

9. seizures: Sudden electrical disturbance in the brain. Which effects the behavior, movements or feelings, and levels of consciousness.

10. Unusual sensations such as tingling, and numbness.


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As of the diagnostic procedure, the nerve conduction test is the best way to identify any outer nervous system damage. The test diagnoses the damage to the brain, which includes Pupillography as well as computerized balance heart rate variability. Also, with the triple-camera SPECT system and neuropsychological testing brain imaging is done.




The treatment plan of the condition neurotoxicity focuses on eliminating and reducing the toxic substance. Plus, it also aims therapies that can relieve symptoms or provide support. In this plan, one might have to avoid pollutants from air, food, and water as well. Therapies involving in the treatment plan include massage, exercise, and immune modulation.




The neurotoxicity prognosis anticipates the length and degree of exposure and the seriousness of the damage to the neurological system. Likewise, some cases of the condition can turn out to be fatal. However, some might survive the case but can’t be fully recovered. On the other hand, many patients completely recover after following the treatment plan.




In the end- we hope you know what our nervous systems do and it’s very important. So, any injury to the nervous system can result in profound consequences. Where the symptoms may vary according to the area of injury. In that case, getting help from a care provider will be best.

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