Meet Apollo’s Dr. N Ragavan, Best Urologist In India


India has a host of Urologists which are good at what they do, but Dr. N Ragavan is at the top. He has associated his work with Apollo Spectra Hospital in Chennai. The importance of the entire medical specialty of Urologists  especially plays an important role in men, women, and children’s health.’


In this blog, we will tell you why Dr. N Ragavan best urologist in India, and what are some of his achievements, and the awards he has received. We will also tell you many things about urology. If anyone wants to consult then you have to simply book an appointment through us.


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Why Is Dr. N Ragavan Best Urologist In India?


Dr. N Ragavan best urologist in India because they have an overall experience is around 26 years and 12 years of experience as a specialist. Dr. N Ragavan is a member and faculty in national and international urology and Uro-oncology societies. Dr. N Ragavan completed his MBBS, MS – General Surgery, FRCS – Urology.




  • Best of BAUS – Poster no 90 , Manchester 2006


  • Brian Booth Research Prize – Rosemere Cancer Foundation, 2005


  • Best Poster award – Poster session 37 at EAU, 2005


  • Best Presentation prize – North West Trainee’s Research Meeting, 2004


  • Young Scientist award -1993-94, State Medical Council for Science and Technology


  • Gold medal in surgery -1993, SRMC, India


  • Gold medal in anatomy -1990, SRMC, India


  • Honors in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry In the University and College examinations -1990


  • Honors in Ophthalmology, Microbiology and Community Medicine In the University Examinations -1992.


What Is Urology?


Urology contains the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, which can damage the genitourinary organs and reproductive tract in men, women, and children. Urology diseases are related to the filtering and carrying of urine out of the body.


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How Many Types Of Urology Disorders?


Dr. N Ragavan Best Urologist In India, Best Urologist In India, Types Of Urology Disorders, Types Of Treatment Comes Under Urology, Dr. N Ragavan


There are many urologic disorders and diseases. It includes:


  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


  • Urinary Incontinence


  • Urinary Tract Infections


  • Kidney and Ureteral Stones


  • Infertility


  • Blood in urine


  • Erectile dysfunction


  • Pain in genitals


  • Pelvic pain


Some other common urological conditions include:


  • bladder cancer


  • bladder prolapse


  • prostate cancer


  • erectile dysfunction (ED)


  • overactive bladder


  • hematuria (blood in the urine)


  • prostatitis (swelling of the prostate gland)


  • interstitial cystitis (also called painful bladder syndrome)


If you have any of these urological conditions then you can online consult with Dr. N Ragavan best urologist in India through GoMedii.


How Urologist Can Diagnose The Diseases?


Dr. N Ragavan Best Urologist In India, Best Urologist In India, Types Of Urology Disorders, Types Of Treatment Comes Under Urology, Dr. N Ragavan


A urologist may recommend any of these few diagnostic tests according to the patient’s symptoms. It includes:


  • Blood tests


  • Antegrade pyelogram


  • CT (computed tomography) scan


  • Intravenous pyelogram


  • Urine specimen collection


  • Cystography


  • Cystometry


  • Renal angiogram


  • Prostate/rectal sonogram


  • Ultrasound of the kidney


  • Urine flow tests


What Types Of Treatment Comes Under Urology?


Dr. N Ragavan Best Urologist In India, Best Urologist In India, Types Of Urology Disorders, Types Of Treatment Comes Under Urology, Dr. N Ragavan


Under urology, there is various medical procedure. Some urology procedures may be done in the doctor’s clinic but major surgeries may be done in hospitals.


  • Cystoscopy: This is a nearby gander at your bladder and urethra with an exceptional telescope-like instrument called a cystoscope.


  • Ureteroscopy: Like cystoscopy, it’s a look inside your ureters and kidneys.


  • Prostate biopsy: The urologist eliminates a small tissue sample from the prostate to test for cancer in a lab.


  • Nephrectomy: This is a medical procedure to eliminate a kidney to treat cancer.


  • Vasectomy: The urologist cuts the tube that conveys sperm to forestall pregnancy.


Urologists choose the treatment plan according to the patient’s urological problem and its seriousness. GoMedii offers the best treatment from Dr. N Ragavan best urologist in India. If anyone wants to get the treatment then drop your queries on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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