Affordable Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India

It is unfortunate but the fact is that most of the rare conditions do not have treatments in most of the countries. It is this reason why we got a query regarding Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India. What exactly is this? What are the symptoms of Amyloidosis, what can be the causes of Amyloidosis?


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You will get to know every aspect of the same. Learn more about it while reading our blog. It is important to know what the disease is. In case you find the symptoms supporting, it is time you drop a query.


What is Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India?


While we will tell you what the condition is, let us tell you what the Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India will have an effect on your pockets. As far as the condition goes the range is from 50,000 USD and can go up to 100,000,00 USD depending upon your condition.


What is Amyloidosis Treatment?


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It is also known as ” protein misfolding disorder” and comes under one of the severe conditions. Amyloidosis is when an abnormal protein called amyloid builds up in your tissues and organs. When it does, it affects their shape and how they work. Amyloidosis is a serious health problem that can lead to life-threatening organ failure.


Are there any amyloidosis treatment medicine?


These conditions are not primarily treated with medicines. The fact that there are proteins of the body involved in it, we do not suggest you go for medicines and drop your query for more information.


How long do you live with amyloidosis?


If not treated the condition reduces the life span to just 6-7 years. Hence the treatment becomes extremely important. As we have mentioned that it is a rare disease, you must know that treatment is not available everywhere.


Yet, if you are reading this you do not have to worry! Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India is available and cheaper than in most of the other countries.


How long is chemotherapy for amyloidosis?


The initial high dose is over one day. However, the patient and their own stem cells are administered for over a few days which is necessary. The body which recovers naturally on its own is way better to recover than with add ons.


As mentioned by Cancer.Net, ” During treatment for amyloidosis, chemotherapy is used to destroy abnormal cells in the blood. Common ways to give chemotherapy include an intravenous (IV) tube placed into a vein using a needle, a shot under the skin, or a pill or capsule that is swallowed “


Is there surgery for amyloidosis?


While you are interested in knowing the Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India, we would mention that it may or may not include surgery in the procedure of treatment.


What kind of doctors are involved in the treatment?


There is various kind of medical experts who are required in order to get the treatments done. The treatment team often includes these experts:


Hematologist. A doctor who specializes in blood disorders

Cardiologist. A doctor who treats heart conditions

Gastroenterologist. A doctor who specializes in conditions of the gastrointestinal tract

Pulmonologist. A doctor who specializes in conditions of the lungs

Nephrologist. A doctor who treats kidney problems

Neurologist. A doctor who focuses on issues involving the brain and nervous system


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Can you live a normal life with amyloidosis?


No rare condition, unfortunately, allows you to live a normal life, but you can make it better by choosing the right kind of treatment. In case you think there is any condition bothering your health and needs urgent attention, drop your queries with us.


What are the causes of amyloidosis?


The reason for someone suffering from amyloidosis is a group of plasma cells makes too many light chains. This then misfolds and binds together to form amyloid fibrils. The fibrils are then deposited in organs.


The most common organs affected are the heart and kidneys. Light chain amyloidosis can also affect the stomach, large intestine, liver, nerves, skin and can cause an enlarged tongue. The condition can cause problems with one or more parts of the body.


What are the types of amyloidosis?


Amyloidosis Treatment Cost in India, Amyloidosis Treatment Cost in India, chemotherapy for amyloidosis, surgery for amyloidosis, types of amyloidosis


When we received the query of Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India, our doctors inquired greatly about what type of condition was the patient suffering from. There are:


AL amyloidosis (immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis)


The most common type of amyloidosis in developed countries, AL amyloidosis is also called primary amyloidosis. It usually affects the heart, kidneys, liver, and nerves.


AA amyloidosis:


Also known as secondary amyloidosis, this variety is usually triggered by an inflammatory disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Improved treatments for severe inflammatory conditions have resulted in a sharp decline in the number of cases of AA amyloidosis in developed countries. It most commonly affects the kidneys, liver, and spleen.


Hereditary amyloidosis (familial amyloidosis)


This inherited disorder often affects the nerves, heart, and kidneys. It most commonly happens when a protein made by your liver is abnormal. This protein is called transthyretin (TTR).


Wild-type amyloidosis


This variety of amyloidosis occurs when the TTR protein made by the liver is normal but produces amyloid for unknown reasons. Formerly known as senile systemic amyloidosis, wild-type amyloidosis tends to affect men over age 70 and typically targets the heart. It can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome.


Localized amyloidosis


This type of amyloidosis often has a better prognosis than the varieties that affect multiple organ systems. Typical sites for localized amyloidosis include the bladder, skin, throat, or lungs. Correct diagnosis is important so that treatments that affect the entire body can be avoided.



How Can GoMedii Help In Amyloidosis Treatment & Cost in India?


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