Medical Tourism In India Boosts With Ayurveda Treatments

As far as India is concerned, Medical tourism has always been one of the finest industries to explore. We are here to tell you that God’s own land, Kerala, one of the beautiful states of the country has a hidden treasure for you. What is it? We know how ancient the land of Hind, formally known as India is.


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In particular, the land of south India is a treasure trove of our heritage. Medicine in India is as old as the centuries one can go back to. Ayurveda! Yes, the miracle of medical science originated in India.



Medical Tourism In India, Ayurveda Treatments In India, Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala



The Kerala government is planning to tap the potential of Ayurveda in the post-pandemic scenario by cashing in on the reputation of God’s Own Country as a key destination for holistic health treatment. As the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has recently relaxed visa restrictions enabling foreigners to come to India.


This is done for business, conference, employment, education, research, and medical purposes among others, Kerala hopes to roll out the red carpet for overseas patients keen to visit the country to avail post-Covid-19 Ayurveda treatments or resume their course of therapies.


Informing the assembly, Tourism Minister Mohammed Riyaz said, “The tourism department would launch a special marketing campaign to promote Ayurveda tourism of the state including in the WTM London international tourism fair.


Medical Tourism In India, Ayurveda Treatments In India, Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala


The department has already started classification of the wellness Ayurveda treatment centers in the state in order to raise the quality of the services along with providing details of the centers for foreigners through the official platforms of Kerala tourism.”


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What is Ayurveda? Is it reliable?


Medical Tourism In India, Ayurveda Treatments In India, Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala


With time we have moved far from our traditional practices. Some for better and some for worse. Time has witnessed the emergence of new and deadly medical conditions with progress. It is high because of the increasing adulteration in life. Ayurveda is one such ancient medical science that has its root in nature. It is exactly what “Take and give to nature “ means.


How will Ayurveda help in Medical Tourism?


Medical Tourism In India, Ayurveda Treatments In India, Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala


After Yoga, Ayurveda is all set to welcome patients all across the globe to India. India is already one of the most sorts after medical tourism destinations. Now, those who have less access to world-class quality in medical treatment will be able to grab the opportunity under Ayurvedic treatments.


As per the Indian Express, ” While Kerala’s peak tourist season between November and February had helped businesses and operators shave off losses to a small extent, the beginning of the second wave brought the industry to a complete standstill again.”


Medical Tourism In India, Ayurveda Treatments In India, Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala


Hence we are ready to welcome our medical tourists to India, in case you wish to know more, just drop your query with us! India has positioned itself as the focal point of AYUSH, naturopathy, Vedanta, and meditation techniques, curated and restored from the most ancient of sciences and arts.


From yoga ashrams to spas and wellness centers offering holistic therapies, India offers a multitude of sites and locations to retreat, recharge, and rejuvenate. The strong branding of AYUSH by the Government is drawing patients to India from across the world.


Several players like Apollo and the Manipal Group are setting up wellness centers equipped with traditional healthcare remedies. In case you want to know about other treatments, just drop query,  on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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