5 Simple Tips For Self-Care During COVID-19

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

This lockdown has taught multiple things to think about, and the most important is self-care. Before this lockdown, Everyone was living a normal life, but in the lockdown, Many people developed new skills in them. Some people are not happy because of financial conditions, but they can also learn new things and apply them daily, which can boost their income. There are several things that you can do for your self-care during the lockdown. Let’s discuss them all.


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Tips for self-care during COVID-19




The Best Diet For Kidney Transplant Patient


You must have seen people sharing images of the meals on their social media accounts. Cooking has always been difficult for men as there so many complications in putting the right spices at the right time. Women are used to it and they do it pretty easily, but for most of the men, it has been new learning.


Cooking food is very good compared to eating outside because it prevents you from germs and bacteria, and most importantly you get fresh and healthy food.




11 Exercises for women to stay healthy


In a lockdown, you can do indoor exercises like yoga, treadmill, or cardio. You can watch various videos of tutorials on youtube and can burn a lot of calories. Doing regular exercise of one or more hours can bring you in good shape, positive, and healthy. Exercise improves your inner body and releases stress. Doing exercise in lockdown is self-care during COVID-19.


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Catch up with old friends


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In the race of life, people lose their friends to survive in this competitive world. It’s a great chance to catch up with your old friends and share some memories, which can bring happiness to your friends and can also strengthen the bond of your friendship.


Talk about your past and present, your situation, well being. This can impact your self-care in COVID-19


Follow your hobby


Gentle Soul in an Aggressive World


Doing what you like to do is a great thing because it is a stress reliever that releases all your anxiety and stress. Many people like to sing, dance, play guitar, read books, cooking, etc. Doing these activities can help your mind to think out of the box.


Organize and Routine


Take little time from a day and spend it to organize your bookshelf, Almirah, clean your items, and organize them accordingly. This will only take 2 to 3 hours to organize everything and you will be free for the next 4 to 5 months.


Routine is a very important part of life, you all should maintain a routine in day to day life. Do all the necessary things like exercise, cooking, following your hobby, etc. But you should do all things according to your routine, Sometimes people forget or become lazy to do all the things according to their routine, which is not good. Make your own time to sleep and wake up but be strict with your routine.




Covid-19 is a tragic moment in the world right now. All countries are fighting against this pandemic and finding solutions to end this. Don’t waste your time in watching movies or playing games all the time, learn new things which can enhance your career, or even follow your hobby to get away from stress or anxiety.


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