Can I Work After My Kidney Transplant

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We have talked a lot about kidney transplant where a lot still has to be considered. People with complete kidneys failure require kidney transplants to live a normal and healthy life ahead. However, how soon that normal lifestyle after the transplant begins or can I work after my kidney transplant like matters troubles many. We’ll be mentioning such concerns below, but before we move further, let’s be clear of the common parts concerning the subject.


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The kidney transplant success rate is higher in India compare to anywhere else. In particular, there are 2 procedures for kidney failure- one is dialysis, another is a transplant. Herein, the emphasis is on transplant-related FAQs such as can I work after my kidney transplant. Besides this, for more detail on kidney transplant-related matters, you can submit the inquiry form by clicking here.


Q. What is the duration of kidney transplant surgery How to prepare for it


A. The procedure of transplant takes two-three hours where it has to be done with the patient under general anesthesia. The doctor will restrict any intake of food and drink including water- following midnight, the day before surgery. Also, the doctor will give you the necessary detail related to the transplant procedure.


Q. What is the recovery and care period


A. The recovery period requires a few days of hospital stay after a transplant which is necessary to make sure that the new kidneys are functioning well and the patient’s body is not rejecting the transplanted kidney. The transplanted kidneys may start functioning immediately or may take a few weeks. Regardless of you feel well enough to be discharged; you still have to stay in the hospital for 1-2 weeks for observation purposes.


Proper instruction will be provided on the aftercare and medication routine during your stay in the hospital. So far getting into a normal lifestyle is concerned; the doctor will advise the level of physical activity the body can endure while you are recovering.


Q. Can I work after my kidney transplant


A. The answer to the subject depends upon several factors such as your recovery, type of work, and other medical concern. In general, a person can start working 8 weeks or more after the transplant otherwise your transplant team is there for you to decide when you can return or get back to work.


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