How Long Can You Live With Kidney Transplant?

Shikhar Atri

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A kidney transplant is the last resort to make sure that the body functions and the person is alive with someone else’s donated organ. It is usually when either one or both your kidneys have stopped working to their minimum capacity as well.


Yet, there is always a question in mind, How long do kidney transplants last, and why? A lot of medical tourists also travel to India for the purpose of a kidney transplant. We will, therefore, tell you some of the important aspects of it and answer the question at hand.


What is the procedure of kidney transplantation?


During transplantation surgery, the donated kidney is placed inside the recipient’s pelvis and attached to their blood vessels and urinary tract. Their own kidneys are usually left in place. The operation takes up to three hours. After a successful Kidney Replacement Therapy, the recipient no longer needs dialysis or special diets. If a transplanted kidney stops working, dialysis may be necessary again. Another transplant may also be possible.


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How long do kidney transplants last, and why?


On average, transplanted kidneys last between 10 and 12 years. It, however, depends largely on the donor, the kidney health, and also the body it is transplanted to. If you are a medical tourist who is traveling for the sole purpose of the same, you must be a bit careful. Make sure you have the best medical tourism company and they are trustworthy.


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Now that you know the average about how long do kidney transplants last, we have the answer to the other part of it which is “why”.

This is more about what would happen to the rest of your body once you get your transplant done.


Get to know How long do kidney transplants last, and why?


The shorter span of time has some reasons behind it. You will have a higher risk of infections and certain types of cancer. Although most transplants are successful and last for many years, how long they last can vary from one person to the next. Many people will need more than one kidney transplant during a lifetime.


What is the procedure of the transplant?


Medical professionals will give you a complete physical exam, review your health records, and order a series of tests and X-rays to learn about your overall health. Everything that can affect how well you can handle treatment will be checked. The evaluation process for a transplant is very thorough. Your healthcare team will need to know a lot about you to help them—and you—decide if a transplant is right for you.


Once you choose GoMedii International, our team will keep you updated with constant health reminders and updates about your treatment and follow-ups after that as well.


How do you reach us?


You can choose us and leave your worries behind. For more precise information, you can submit the inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Come to India, to experience the best!

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