Delhi: Government Launched An Anti-Dengue Campaign On 6 September

Shikhar Atri

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The Delhi government has launched an anti-dengue campaign on September 6, under this 10 hafte, 10 baje, 10 minutes, inspecting your house, to see if there is any water filling around your house, that is dangerous for everyone, because of this dengue mosquitoes are born and spread dengue, malaria, and other viruses also. To stop such diseases, the Delhi government has started the anti-dengue campaign from yesterday.


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As you all know that “the rainy season is ongoing, and this is the first week of September. Therefore, mosquitoes that spread dengue especially are born in this season. We have to protect ourselves and our family from dengue. Delhi CM ” Arvind Kejriwal said,“ Last year, we all participated in this campaign against dengue, 10 hafte 10 baje 10 minutes “this campaign also called “Har Ravivar Dengue Par Vaar” this year we will do it again.


Further, Kejriwal also said that last year there was a big fall in dengue cases in Delhi, so it is possible because we had run this campaign, just like last year, today is the first Sunday of this month, and for the next 10 Sundays, make sure to take 10 minutes to inspect your homes for stagnant clean water. Remove the water when it fills in your nearby area. I hope and believe you all the people of Delhi will again participate in this campaign and save Delhi from dengue as they had done in the past.


Last year, the campaign was launched in September and there were 2,036 cases in Delhi and two deaths. If we talk about 2015, then there were 15,867 cases and 60 people died. To highlight this campaign government official and many celebrities were also involved in this campaign.


Again Kejriwal has appealed to all ministers, MLAs and residents of Delhivassi start this campaign from their home and continue it every Sunday. To support Kejriwal, all the cabinet ministers of Delhi inspected their homes on Sunday and used a social media platform to spread this message to the public.


It has been requested on behalf of the government that resident’s welfare associations have taken this step to promote the campaign and fight against dengue. The advertisement released by the government said that many celebrities will be involved and shared the message on social media and social media influencers will also take part so that more and more people can join this campaign.


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Sources: ET Health

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