India is in an Advanced Stage of Developing a Vaccine for Dengue: Health Minister

Anju Bisht

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Dengue is caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito, the condition is very typical as well as fatal. The control of dengue requires a lot of public awareness told the Health Minister to Lok Sabha.


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On Friday, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said India is in the advanced stage of developing a vaccine for dengue. Once it is developed the incidence of people getting affected by it will come down.


The minister said, “This Aedes mosquito breeds in clean water. It is unlike other mosquitoes that breed in poor sanitary conditions. As far as the treatment for dengue is concerned, Health is a state subject and all the state governments have to make arrangements for the treatment of not only dengue but all the diseases.”


He also informed that states are assisted by the National Health Mission.


He added, “In India, we are at an advanced stage of development of a vaccine for dengue. In the coming years when we have a dengue vaccine, the incidence of dengue or those who get affected by dengue will get lowered.”


In response to the query, the minister said the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) tests water quality at 4000 places in the country and tests the concentration of heavy metals and pesticides among other things.


Additionally, Vardhan said genetics and environmental exposure is the cause of cancer.


There is a need for awareness and collaboration between departments dealing with health, science, and the environment. As the toxic substances, irrespective of their origin were harmful to the body said the minister.


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