Know – How the Science of Autophagy Improves Your Health?

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

Disregard your all old detox diets and juice cleanses. Though there is nothing wrong with them yet it’s about time for your body to do the cleanse itself. How? Well, with the help of a little-known way that is autophagy.


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It is a way in which our body cleans out damaged cells to make newer and healthier cells. And the basic idea behind the process was in the absence of external sources of food body begin to eat itself. Wherein the process involves demolishing and recycling of its own damaged cell.


What is Autophagy?


In the way, your body cleans out damaged cells to regenerate new and healthy cells- this is a natural process called autophagy. On dividing the word in two as “auto” and “phagy” the word forms a literal meaning “self-eating.”


The regeneration process occurs at a cellular level in the body. The process reduces the risk of getting some diseases and even add years to the lifespan. It removes the defective cells or repairs the parts of them and further performs the cleaning.


Know the Benefits of Autophagy:


The process takes around back in time and forms the younger cells. The benefits include:


  • It can protect against cancer


  • It may prevent neurodegenerative diseases


  • One can avoid infections


  • It prevents inflammatory diseases


  • The most prominent benefit is anti-aging quality




On the contrary, lack of autophagy can cause weight gain, lethargy, higher cholesterol, and weaken brain functions. The process can kill the cancer cell, as a result, can stop cancerous growths as well as obesity and diabetes.


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Get Started with Autophagy:


Before starting the process know one thing that, the process is a response to stress. That means your gonna put your body in a place to face some hardship.


The process asks for a little self-cannibalism. Oh! I didn’t mean to scare you that’s why I said “a little”. Okay, that’s not funny. But yes, you are going to train your body to eat itself.


Here are the ways to start autophagy in your body:


1. Cut Back on carbs:


All you have to do is reduce carbohydrates to a level that the body has no choice but to use fat as a fuel. And the best way to do that is to follow a keto diet also known as a ketogenic diet. The diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates that helps the body to be in a metabolic state called ketosis.


2. Get on to Intermittent Fasting:


Have you ever heard that occasional fasting can be beneficial? Well, skipping meals can be a form of stressful activity that can boost the autophagy process. There are intermittent fasting and autophagy that can make cancer therapy effective as it can protect normal cells. It was found that intermittent fasting can improve cognitive function.

But in the case of children, some people like diabetic or pregnant women, fasting is not recommended.


3. Become Physically Active:


Another thing- exercising puts your body in stress again that boosts the process of self-consumption. Regular exercising is the best way in which most of the people cleanse their body unknowingly. Though it’s hard to tell how much exercising is required to turn up the process.


One fair thing to remember- don’t just stay in ketosis, fasting, or exercising intensely all day or every day to experience benefits.


On hitting the bottom- there are still a lot of things to know and learn about this process. It would be too early to state that the process will cure cancer or will bring back your youth. As there are no proper examinations done on humans. Yet it can be framed that some stress on the body can be beneficial.

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