Preventive Healthcare: Know About Prevention From Chronic Diseases

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Care of any kind makes us feel secure. Preventive healthcare when it comes to helping stay safe for diseases is a boon. We would here discuss the kinds of preventive care that must be taken under different medical conditions. Though there are risk factors different for a different condition, some common grounds are also present. Let us see how we can seek preventive healthcare against chronic diseases.


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Defining Preventive Healthcare:


The basic meaning of preventive care is measures taken to curb a condition from affecting your health. According to the definition of preventive care stands as “Preventive healthcare deals with the prevention of illness to decrease the burden of disease and associated risk factors. Preventive measures can be applied at all stages across the lifespan and along a disease spectrum, to prevent further decline over time. “


Common Points of Preventive Healthcare:


Here are some very common points that we must keep in mind. These are basic healthcare that you must follow if you have health or medical issues or not.


  • Look for Future Disease Risks, such as High Cholesterol and Obesity:


Study Claims Obesity Impacting Lifestyle, And Sexual Health of People


Better prevent than suffer, right? So in case you have any chance of getting any future complexities, you must act. You should take steps under preventive healthcare towards these.


  • Discuss Alcohol Use and Safe Drinking and Tips on How to Quit Smoking:


Smoking and Diabetes Know The Connection Between Two


We know that quitting an addiction is difficult. However, you must understand the complication you will face. This is one way that you can take preventive measures. These addictions are a source of many health complications.


  • Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle, Such as Healthy Eating and Exercise:


Start Your Day With Healthy Morning Habits !


No insurance company or health benefit can compensate for a bad lifestyle. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a necessity to follow and you must follow it.


  • Update Vaccinations and Preventive Healthcare:


ICMR About to Launch Dengue Vaccine in 2020


Vaccinations act as a shield from various diseases. They are the primary prevention methods that one adopts. Regular checkups and refilling yourself with the expired vaccines are necessary.


  • Maintain a Relationship with Your Provider in Case of Illness:


Know The Important Questions to Ask Your Physician


In this busy lifestyle, you might not have the time for yourself. That is when your preventive healthcare can take a back seat. You have to stop that from happening. You must maintain a good relationship with your healthcare provider


  • Discuss Medicines or Supplements That You Are Taking:


Best Medicine For Type 1 Diabetes


What is preventive healthcare if you do not know which meds to take? Hence a more sensible way would be to help yourself know the meds. You should involve in a thorough discussion before taking anything.


Specific Disease and Preventive Healthcare:


Some of the chronic conditions require specific preventive healthcare, here are the following:


1) Diabetes and Preventive Healthcare:


Screening tests when done, you must take care of yourself. Take a good look at your diet. You must keep the sugar content out. Keep a routine of exercise. Try eating healthy and regularly check your blood sugar levels.


2) Blood Pressure:


Hypertension or commonly known as High Blood pressure, is a chronic condition that stays with you all your life. You must make sure that your diet is as per the condition. Also, try meditating, yoga and other calming exercises. This helps to keep your blood pressure in balance. Hence, the benefit of preventive healthcare.


3) Chronic Kidney Disease and Preventive Healthcare:


As we have mentioned above, your health plan should not have addictions of smoke and alcohol. Kidney health is affected the most by alcohol consumption. Hence, the most important preventive healthcare that you must follow is quitting drinking and smoking.


In the case of Kidney health, your diabetes can also be a problem. So you must take care of diabetes to help yourself stay safe from CKD.


4) Thyroid and Preventive Healthcare:


You must know the preventive healthcare of both hyperthyroid in which low sodium food is to be taken. On the other hand, you must avoid material like soya and cabbage in case of hypothyroid. You have to make changes in your lifestyle and include more exercise to balance weight.


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How do you practice preventive health care?


Preventive care can be practiced in many ways. Going for regular check-ups to your doctor is a good start. You should understand your body and what it demands. Not taking high-calorie food for a diabetic person is important, and similarily no alcohol for people with CKD.


Here are five basic points of why preventive healthcare is important:


  • Keeps you fit physically and mentally.


  • Prevents from possible illness.


  • Takes care of treatment.


  • It helps save money with regular checkups.


What is the Situation of Preventive Healthcare in India?


According to the Business World, The preventive healthcare segment today is on a rising curve wherein the Indian market size is estimated to be worth over $55 billion, which is likely to become a $106-billion opportunity by 2022.


The market is offering a tremendous opportunity for the healthcare players to move towards the higher user and patient empowerment and better patient engagement models. It is because of those who are conscious about their health and have a rising disposable income, preventive healthcare is receiving an unprecedented boost at the urban and semi-urban levels.


Preventive healthcare should be considered an investment or personal insurance, with keeping your retirement nest egg as your return on investment. Take advantage of any preventive benefits that your insurance company offers; seriously, these companies are happy to cover preventive medical expenses because they have the statistics that prove how much it saves them down the road. Insurance companies employ many people with degrees in finance and economics, so they know the importance of maintaining good health and how expensive it is to treat a chronic illness or serious malady.


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