48 Deaths Reported Across India Due to the Vector-Borne Disease

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

Deaths Reported Across India Due to the Vector-Borne Disease


The Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme released the report, in total 67377 cases of dengue and 48 deaths due to the vector-borne disease across the country till October 13, 2019.


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The data states the highest dengue cases reported in Karnataka till October 13 i.e., 12,756 dengue cases of which 8 deaths have been reported.


Where Bihar struggling with flash floods triggered by torrential rains, reported 1,588 dengue cases. And 1,135 dengue cases were reported by the state capital, Patna.


Poll-bound Maharashtra reported 7,863 dengue cases with four people losing their lives due to the disease.


Uttarakhand reported 7,513 cases and eight deaths. Furthermore, Kerala saw 13 dengue deaths, and 3,075 cases being reported.


According to the report, till October 13 Gujarat reported 5,819 dengue cases and 6 people had lost their lives. National capital Delhi saw 1,431 cases of dengue but no deaths have been reported so far.


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