5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common In India

Prakhar Tyagi

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Diseases linked to people’s everyday habits are termed as lifestyle diseases. Some of the major lifestyle diseases that have been identified in India are Obesity, Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Cancer.

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Here Are The 5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common In India:

1 Obesity

Obesity is a condition which makes you more prone to other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart problems. India has been ranked as the second highest nation to have obese population. And Indians, especially the younger generation, is at a much higher risk. To prevent obesity, individuals should be able to maintain a healthy weight and lead an active lifestyle. Obese people should drink plenty of water and avoid having fatty foods. In addition, they should also add more fibers, fruits, and vegetables to their diet.

2 Heart Diseases

Irregular or abnormal functioning of heart muscles and blood vessel walls is typically known as heart disease. With 50 million people, India is ranked at number one in the world in heart diseases. Increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body are major causes of heart disease. Consuming junk foods, smoking, excessive drinking and inactive lifestyle leads to heart disorders. Heart disease can be best managed with proper diet and exercise.

3. Hypertension

Under normal circumstances, your blood pressure should be below 140/90 although the ideal figure is 120/80. If it is similar or anywhere higher than that, you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. High-stress levels increased intake of salt, obesity, genetic issues and aging are some of the major causes of hypertension. Hypertension also increases the risk of other health complications like diabetes and heart disease.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is caused because of high blood sugar levels in the body, resulting from an inability to use the insulin produced in our bodies. Diabetes can be managed by controlling its various risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and an inactive lifestyle. If not monitored regularly it can damage other vital organs like kidney, eye, heart etc.

5. Cancer

The highly stressful lifestyles that Indians lead now gradually decrease our body’s immunity. This leads the white blood cells to lose their power to fight the viruses entering our body. This eventually leads to an irregular cell growth in the body, which is known as cancer. Although genetic factors are largely responsible for cancer, smoking and unhealthy eating habits are amongst the biggest culprits. The most common types of cancer in India are lung, breast and skin cancer.

Although each of the aforementioned diseases has specific causal factors, most of these lifestyle disorders are due to a lack of exercise, poor sleeping habits, unhealthy diet, smoking and increasing stress levels.

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