GoMedii Technologies Gets NABH Accreditation

Adding another feather, GoMedii Technologies has become a NABH Accreditated healthcare assistance platform. NABH is India’s highest accreditation for hospitals and healthcare providers.


The NABH Accreditation ia an acknowledgment of our hard work towards providing our patients the best possible medical services and becoming a trusted partner in their medical journey.


The national accreditation has been awarded to GoMedii after a stringent evaluation process on parameters such as training of resources, range of service offerings to customers, capturing customer requirements, sharing of quotations, availability of language interpreters, agreement with all listed hospitals and accommodation providers, and taking feedback.


GoMedii Technologies is a medical travel assistant that connects international patients with top-notch medical care facilities in India at affordable rates. The medical platform aims to become the most trusted global treatment partner by bridging the gap between patients and cost-effective top-class treatments.


GoMedii, through its vast network of health professionals, connects you with the best hospitals to provide you with the most suitable wellness option. GoMedii also provides travel assistance by handling your transport and accommodation needs.


“We are more than elated to receive the NABH accreditation. This is a major milestone in our journey. We aim to create a more organized and accessible Indian medical tourism market through our top-notch end-to-end services. The accreditation comes with a certain set of responsibilities, and our team is ready to take it to the next level.”, says Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh, Co-founder of GoMedii Technologies.


“Since day one, we have been delivering world-class medical assistance to our patients coming to India, and we plan to continue to do so. Rohit and I started this company to provide a safe and reliable platform for patients to seek quality, cost-effective treatment in India. The NABH accreditation has proven that we are going in the right direction.”, says Mr. Abhishek Chandel, Co-founder, and CTO at GoMedii Technologies.


India is a highly favored medical tourism destination as it combines Eastern Healthcare Wisdom and the expertise of Western Medicine


According to 2022 data, the Indian medical tourism market is currently valued at $7.4 billion. Medical Tourism Association has ranked it 10th in Medical Tourism Index (MTI) for 2020-21 out of 46 destinations worldwide. India earns almost $4 billion from the 2 million medical travelers visiting India annually.


Also, India Medical Tourism Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 35.68% from 2021-2027. The medical tourism market of India also holds the potential to have a market size of $14 billion.


“This is an immensely proud moment for Team GoMedii as our hard work finally got the validation we deserve. NABH accreditation carries a lot of weight in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, people prefer medical services from providers who carry the NABH accreditation. It creates a sense of trust among the audience. Also, the recognition that NABH has started to receive in other countries adds more to its charm.”, said Mr. Prakhar Tyagi, VP of Sales and Marketing at GoMedii.


Since foraying into Medical tourism, GoMedii has earned the trust of more than 20,000 international and domestic medical travelers due to its world-class medical care assistance.


We are in partnership with 200+ JCI and NABH-accredited hospitals with a panel fostered through a strength of 500+ renowned medical professionals. Moreover, we have medical partners in countries such as Turkey, UAE, Poland, Thailand, etc. We have serviced medical tourists from critical countries such as Bangladesh, Iraq, Maldives, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, and Nigeria.


About GoMedii: GoMedii is a Healthcare Technology Platform That Works Out Your Treatment / Surgery the Way You Need & Plan. A Treatment partner that simplifies the patient journey at every step. Drop Your Queries for the most affordable & world-class treatment options.You may simply download the GoMedii app for Android or iOS.