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India has been known to help international patients with treatment for a long time now. India as a medical tourism destination has been chosen by patients across the globe. At GoMedii we tend to make the business integrate with technology, this makes the patient enjoy a great amount of ease and also bid a healthy farewell.


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How do we do that? It is done through are engaging platforms such as the GoMedii app that can be easily downloaded on the various operating systems and our team of young professionals who have their heart and mind to service the patients. India is just a brand that is now ruling the industry of medical tourism.


Fathima, one of the patients from Afghanistan expressed her gratitude to GoMedii and India, for helping her get through the treatment and making her feel at home. This is because India serves every patient from a foreign land like their own. Giving the best treatment and customized packages makes GoMedii a great choice for your treatment partner along with a great choice of destination.


Why Choose India as a medical tourism destination?


This is no mystery that India and the world have mutually benefitted from each other since the time of the Mesopotamians. In the recent world, the increasing cost in the western countries and at the same the lack of medical facilities in the underdeveloped countries has become a reason why India, with world-class facilities and an army of most educated medical staff, is the first choice for the patients.


A growing number of tourists are flocking to India for the superlative medical treatment that is being provided by skilled doctors. This has made India grow as a hub for medical tourists every year. The prime reason being the cost of medical treatment in India being cheaper when compared to Western Europe, North America, and some Southeast Asian countries. India has been getting a good revenue turnover from its medical tourism for the past 4 to 6 years.


Factors making India a medical tourism destination



Being one of the fastest-growing medical destinations around the world, India is predicted to drive higher with time. The fact that the pandemic also could not stop the influx of queries, it is necessary to understand what makes these facts:


1. Treatment Cost


The cost that you pay in the western country for the treatments, can be afforded in India at a far lower rate. This is not on the account that there is any reduction in the quality that we are providing. India hosts the best surgeons and medical experts around the world. With the most qualified doctors, the treatment packages are highly customized as per the need of the patients.


People can generally expect to save at least 50% when they choose India as a medical tourism destination. This is because as compared to that in other countries like the US or UK, India is a better and less expensive option for them. This includes all the travel expenses like airfares, hotel, and food during one’s stay.


Some treatments can be provided for little as 10% of the cost that it would be available for in the West. Care in India is of supreme quality and is the same as the care that would be received in a Western nation. The vast savings of receiving treatment in countries like India can provide the patient life-altering or life-saving treatment that may not otherwise be afforded.


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2. Ease of getting Visa


One of our Ethiopian patients had some trouble in receiving the Visa and ended up withdrawing the trip to the USA for his health treatment. He describes it as “his lucky stars” to have found GoMedii and India as his medical tourism destination for treatment. It was only after he found that the Medical Visa granted by India is a gold mine and the only reason being, it is far more convenient!


Medical Visa in India is an addition to help the people of a foreign land to receive easy ways to get themselves treated. While most of the patients are granted easy Visa, in case of any other trouble, the team at GoMedii is always there to help them out.


Those who will have the hardest times obtaining visas will be those from underdeveloped or developing countries such as Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, or Pakistan. The government of India has achieved this visa expedition program that ensures that people who need critical, life-saving treatment should get their visas in a timely manner.


Being able to easily obtain a visa is one of the primary reasons that people seeking treatment come from abroad to visit India to get that treatment that is provided at a reasonable price. Having procedures done in a timely manner has saved countless lives, and is likely to save much more in the future.


3. Speedy Process in Surgeries


We are sure that most of our patients from various countries would agree that to makes sure they secure a seat at the hospitals in the USA and UK, the queue is a thousand times longer than the application process. This is not a problem in India, the surgeries and availability of the hospital and doctors are far quicker and easier than any of the countries of the West.


That can extend to years for elective procedures. This makes it clear as to why there is an appeal to travel to India to get the procedure done much more quickly. Having procedures done so quickly helps avoid further complications and health problems in the future.


These are problems that could be caused by waiting longer in their homeland. Many people use medical tourism in India as an option to get procedures done faster when they are fed up with the wait times in their native countries. India provides this welcome change of pace to many patients from all around the world desperately needing medical attention.


4. Class Apart Services


Despite being in a “developing” nation, hospitals and healthcare centers in India provide premium, Western-standardized care to their patients. Most hospitals will offer typical Western-style accommodations from individual to shared rooms and personalized dining schedules.


Many also offer personalized services that are generally specified on their website. Some of these services can include things like language translators or personal assistance for those who are disabled. These hospitals also provide patients with 24/7 access to the hospital facilities as a standard of excellent service.


Doctors are mostly always trained in the country’s top medical universities or in other Western-style schools. Their knowledge is the same as you would find in any doctor in your homeland. Must speak fluent English as well, so language barriers are rarely an issue. Infrastructure at these hospitals is also world-class and is improving rapidly as more technology is rapidly discovered.


5. A Home for Everyone


Be it the people from Afghanistan, Arabia, or South East Asia, all find their favorite cuisines and a comfortable stay in India. The major reason why India as a medical tourism destination has grown rapidly in these years. We in India stand by the idea of “VasudevKutumbhkam” which means all the world is a family. At GoMedii, we inherit the same value for which we are known and trusted by our patients.


India has a strong base of qualified and skilled doctors. Another major factor that has made India succeed in inviting medical tourists is the populace of good English-speaking doctors, guides, and medical staff which makes it easier for foreign tourists to correlate well to Indian doctors.


Get an instant appointment or consultation regarding the various treatment in India, just drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9599004311). You may also feel free to email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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