16 Day Old Hakim Wins With CT Aorta-Gram Surgery

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It is a great deal of worry when your young infant is in trouble. This is what happened when Hakim, a little newborn faced one of the most threatening situations when he landed in Delhi for the treatment. The kid all the way from Ethiopia came with his patients to India after suffering a heart attack at such an infant age. It was a case that GoMedii took to make sure that a life was saved with the best doctors and pediatricians on board.


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Hakim Winning With CT Aorta-gram Surgery Successful


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What is even more devastating is to know that your kid is suffering from a condition within just 16 days of its birth. We could not even imagine what the parents must have felt when the diagnosis took place. The condition was so severe that they needed to leave the country urgently.


That is when they contacted us through our partners working in Ethiopia. GoMedii has been serving in many countries and Ethiopia is one of our dear destinations where patients travel to India in high numbers.


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Why did Hakim need CT Aorta Gram Surgery?


An arteriogram or aortogram can be done to find any abnormalities in the blood vessels of the aorta. The most common issues are aneurysms, the narrowing of blood vessels, spasming of the blood vessels, arteriovenous malformation, thrombosis, or occlusion.


This was the main reason for little Hakim having a heart attack, there was a serious need for treatment. There was one issue that the family faced, it was Hakim’s restriction to travel.


The little boy had been very ill since he suffered the attack. The reports were awaited which would give Hakim the permission to travel. The air route was very risky, it was important that all the right kind of care is taken before Hakim was to fly outside the country.


How did Hakim’s Parent Contact GoMedii?



GoMedii was contacted by Hakim’s parents who wanted us to find the best hospital that could understand the condition of Hakim and help save his life.


“Saving his life was our only priority,” said the doctors at Fortis Escort Hospital. Our doctors were sure how to save the kid’s life and it was important to assure the parents that we could do it.


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What is Blood vessels abnormality?


An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, which disrupts normal blood flow and oxygen circulation.


Arteries are responsible for taking oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. Veins carry the oxygen-depleted blood back to the lungs and heart. 


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What was the treatment chosen?


The treatment that was chosen for Hakim was Endovascular embolization is a type of surgery in which the surgeon threads a catheter through the arteries to the AVM.


Then a substance is injected to close parts of the AVM to reduce the blood flow. This might also be done before brain surgery or radiosurgery to help reduce the risk of complications.


Sometimes stereotactic radiosurgery is used to treat AVMs. This uses intense, highly focused beams of radiation to damage the blood vessels and stop the blood supply to the AVM. You and your doctors will discuss whether to treat your AVM, weighing the possible benefits against the risks.


GoMedii & Hakim’s Win Over His Condition




We at GoMedii are known to build our patient’s trust. When Hakim’s case came to us we were extremely cautious that there should not be any mistake in choosing doctors and hospitals.


The most esteem hospitals in our association were given as an option and this is what helped to make a final call. Hakim, the 16-year-old Ethiopian kid was now.


“But when we made that difficult decision, we faced a lot of opposition. Many medical professionals have asked us what the benefits of the treatment are for us or for the organization” – Fortis Escort Team 


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