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In 2019, we had a lot of patients from Uganda and Afghanistan who were ready to travel to India for heart-related issues. This was a little large in number. While our team was on it, we also found a case of rare causes of Shone’s Syndrome which became a topic of great discussion within our doctor circle as well. It however became important that we tell our readers and our other patients regarding this condition.


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What exactly arises causes of Shone’s Syndrome


You can be confused as shone’s syndrome is also known as Shone’s complex or Shone’s anomaly. All of these are the same thing. It is a congenital heart issue that is suffered by gender of all kinds. It is not that a male will not go through this or a female will. It has to do with what we call lesions.


What happens in Shone’s Syndrome?


In the heart when there are eight lesions then they are considered part of Shone syndrome. A person must have at least three of these lesions to be diagnosed. Of the eight lesions, the supra mitral valve, parachute mitral valve, subaortic stenosis, and coarctation of the aorta were the first four described.


What are the lesions?


Causes Of Shone's Syndrome, Shone syndrome symptoms, Shone syndrome treatment in India


If you have to understand the causes of Shone’s Syndrome, you know what are these “lesions” we are talking about. You do not have to be confused, if you do not understand, you can also drop your queries and talk to our doctors. You must seek treatment with us. We are now in 5 more countries along with India. These countries are Dubai, Thailand, Poland, Turkey, and Singapore.


Coming back to what is lesions? A lesion is any damage or a certain abnormal change in the tissue of any organism usually caused by disease or trauma. The lesion is derived from the Latin “laesio” which actually means “injury”. Lesions can even occur in animals and plants, is it not interesting?


How many people have Shone’s syndrome?


The causes of Shone’s syndrome actually make it very rare in its nature. It would be difficult to say that most people get it because then it will not be true. So, exactly how many people around the world go through this shone’s syndrome? It accounts for approximately 0.6 percent of all cases of congenital heart disease.


Can women with Shone syndrome have children?


Unfortunately, if the woman is suffering from the causes of Shone syndrome, it is time you drop us a query. Why? Shone’s syndrome causes a lot many complications both to the mother and the child.


Hence, to make sure that the health of both is taken care of, you must get your doctor’s consultation. This is because there might be a treatment you need and then have your child.


What kind of test will my doctor do during my visit?


There are certain tests that are required. When GoMedii received its first case of Shone’s Syndrome, the patient had a tough time getting the tests done in their native countries, these were tests that were included.


  • Echocardiograms every 1-2 years
  • Cardiac MRI or CT every 3-5 years if you have ever had surgery or a procedure on your aorta
  • Regular exercise testing on the treadmill to look at exercise capacity and blood pressure response to exercise
  • Cardiac Catheterization to evaluate the severity of the lesions.


What kind of heart care is recommended for adults with Shone syndrome?


Most of our cardiologists have suggested the patients the regular follow-up in an adult congenital heart program. This should be customized in the maximum possible way. Who gives you this? GoMedii gives you such customized plans which take the best of your care.


What is Shone syndrome life expectancy?


Like we have mentioned above that the number of people who get Shone’s syndrome is pretty low. However, how long can a person actually live with Shone’s Syndrome? When talking about the average years then it was 6.3 years (range, 1 to 16 years). Overall survival was 93%. All surviving patients are in class I or II congestive heart failure. Conclusions: Long-term survival of patients diagnosed with Shone complex is excellent.


Discussing the Shone syndrome symptoms


The Symptoms of congestive heart failure is very much in line with that of Shone’s Symptoms which include


  • Fatigue,
  • Rapid breathing and wheezing,
  • Faster than normal heart rate,
  • Poor oral intake, poor weight gain,
  • Fluid retention (edema) in the legs,
  • Pallor (anemia), and
  • Frequent pneumonia


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What are the causes of Shone’s syndrome?


Causes Of Shone's Syndrome, Shone syndrome symptoms, Shone syndrome treatment in India



The blockage and the abnormal damage which we have read is known as lesions are formed actually make up the causes of Shone’s syndrome. This rare condition is mostly caused when four left-sided heart defects basically include:


  • Aortic coarctation is also the way that narrowing of the aorta takes place
  • Obstruction below the aortic valve is when the subaortic obstruction- blockage below the valve happens.


Explain Shone syndrome treatment


The treatment of Shone’s syndrome includes basic and major heart surgeries like Laprocscopy and Incision if there is a minor one. However, they can also include extensive open-heart surgery.


Is Causes of Shone syndrome rare?


Yes, it is one of the very rare syndromes. It has already been mentioned. You must get yourself diagnosed and in case you wish to take the treatment, then just drop your queries.


Is Shone syndrome genetic?


When there is a mutation in the gene encoding myosin, a contractile protein that is highly expressed during development accounted for about 11 percent of Shone syndrome.


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