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India has been a known center of medical tourism especially with medical advancement in recent years. Patients across the world travel to India to pursue treatment. However, international travel has been restricted over the past few months due to COVID that is no more the case.


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Many patients have doubts and concerns regarding several requirements, such as medical documents to travel to India, allowance of international travel for medical tourists, etc. Let us at GoMedii handle your concerns as you prepare yourself for a journey of healing to India. The world is entering a new normal and we at GoMedii are prepared with the necessary precautions and safety measures to welcome our international patients for treatment in India.


Why Travel To India for Your Treatment?


Indian hospitals are well known for providing state of the art medical services at much more affordable costs. At GoMedii, we join hands with internationally acclaimed hospitals to provide our international patients with the best medical care possible.


Pursuing medical treatment in India was never simpler. Since November 2014, the Government of India has introduced an online Visa procurement system (e-Visa) for 43 countries and since then more countries have been added to that list.


Through this process, international patients can also acquire a Medical Visa or Medical e-Visa. This move by the government reduces the time spent in border immigration and does not require multiple visits to the embassy. And that is not all!


At GoMedii, we take care of the entire process for you. So you never need to worry about the paperwork and the processes, just concern yourself with coming to India, and receiving your treatment. When you choose GoMedii, you choose to become part of a family, that cares for your wellbeing, and supports you every step of the way. That is the bond that we at GoMedii create, with every international patient.


What is a Medical Visa?




A medical visa allows international patients to travel to India to pursue treatment. In the case of an international patient, they need not deal with the hassles of a tourist visa and can acquire a medical visa quite easily. As a medical treatment partner, GoMedii handles the entire process of getting a medical visa, while also dealing with treatment, accommodation, and other necessities for the patient.


At present, medical tourists from over 160 countries are applicable for a medical visa.


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Requirements for a Medical Visa




International patients who wish to travel to India for treatment can easily acquire it by submitting a few necessary documents and details. Applicants need to answer a series of security questions and pay a Medical visa fee to initiate the process.


There are a few other requirements that visa holders need to keep in mind regarding their medical visa:


– From the date of arrival, the validity of the Indian e-Medical Visa will be 60 days.


– Medical visa holders can visit the country 3 times in a year.


– Medical visas cannot be extended


-Travellers are required to carry a copy of their approved Visa at all times during their stay


– Every applicant, including medical attendants traveling with the patient must have their own passport irrespective of age.


Although the requirement list seems like a lot, GoMedii assists each international patient through the process. While taking care of coordination, accommodations and treatments, GoMedii sets itself apart by helping you a lot more, from the beginning of the process with your applications and documentation to handling your post-treatment travel and care. That is why so many patients associated with GoMedii say, that their entire experience feels like a family’s care!


Medical Documents to Travel to India


While we take care of your process of coming to India to pursue high quality yet affordable treatment, there are a few documents and necessities required from your end, to make the process as smooth as possible. These are:


– Passports with a minimum of 6 months validity.

– Recent Passport size photographs of the applicants.

– For underage applicants (under the age of 18), a no-objection certificate signed by both parents.

– Copy of the online visa application form.

– Document proof of residential address.

– Document proof of treatment funds.

– Medical documents of the treatments that have been done.

– A copy of the assisting medical attendant’s passport.

– Document proof of relation with the attendant as only blood relatives is allowed to travel with the patient.


Gathering and keeping track of these necessary documents is the only challenge to your medical trip to India. A challenge that GoMedii happily assists international patients with. Once these processes are cleared, you’re one step closer to the most affordable and best treatments in the country.


GoMedii is your medical treatment partner every step of the way. We make it our goal to ensure a hassle-free and effortless healing journey to India. That dedication sets GoMedii apart from the rest. That is what makes our international patients a part of a family.


So send us your query from treatments in India, and let our team get back to you to help you with an affordable and easy medical travel experience.


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