Answering Patient’s Queries – One At A Time!: How to travel from Sylhet to Chennai?

International medical travelers have many questions while planning to get treatment in India. Whether it’s about therapy or the visa process, all travelers come with their queries. In his blog, we will be answering all your questions regarding your trip to India.


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We have roped in our sales team and travel experts to answer your queries with great detail. These questions are from international and domestic medical travelers seeking a better understanding of the treatment they want in India and its procedure.


How to travel from Sylhet to Chennai?


Flight is the best way to travel from Sylhet (ZYL) to Chennai (MAA). There are no direct and non-stop flights available, only connecting flights. Depending on the stops and layover time, the flight can take 5-8 hours.


Flights operating on the ZYL-MAA route are:


  • Biman Bangladesh
  • Air India
  • US-Bangla Airlines


Other airlines operating on this route are:


  • Singapore Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Vistara
  • Indigo Airlines

Common layover points for the ZYL-MAA route are:

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Kolkata, West Bengal (India)
  • Hyderabad, Telangana (India)


Other less-common layover points include:


  • Delhi, India
  • Singapore
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia
  • London, England (UK)
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
  • Bangalore, Karnataka (India)

How much is the cost of a visa from Somalia to India?


The cost of an Indian medical visa for Somali nationals is $80 or 5600. One needs to remember that cheques and bank transfers are not acceptable as modes of payment. You can pay via debit card, although there is a 1-2 % surcharge.


What is the cost of an Indian medical visa for Bangladeshi citizens?


A visa fee is not charged for Bangladeshi citizens. The processing fee of 600 – 700 Taka ($7 – 9) is charged by SBI for processing the Medical Visa that has to be submitted at Indian Visa Application Centers (IVACs).


There are 11 IVACs in Bangladesh:


  • Gulshan
  • Uttara
  • Dhanmondi
  • Chittagong
  • Sylhet
  • Khulna
  • Barisal
  • Mymensingh
  • Rangpur
  • Rajshahi

Is the electronic version of the Indian medical Visa available?


Yes, apart from the traditional medical Visa, the e-medical Visa is also available for India. E-medical Visa is a short-term visa with a duration of two months. It is suitable for people who come to India for short-term treatment. This type of Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible, and not valid for visiting protected or restricted areas.

Click here to check your eligibility for an e-medical visa to India.

What documents are required to get a medical visa for India?


An international traveler who wishes to come to India to get their treatment done must get a medical visa. Looking at the growth of Indian medical tourism, the government of India has simplified the process of obtaining an Indian medical visa.


The documents required to get an Indian medical visa are:


  • Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months from departure from your home country for India. It should also have a minimum of 3 blank pages.
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Complete the online application form submitted to the right Indian Mission.
  • A letter from the hospital from where you will be getting your treatment
  • Visa invitation letter

You may read more here.

Is there any direct flight from Dhaka to Delhi?


Yes, many direct and non-stop flights are available from Dhaka to Delhi and vice versa. While a non-stop flight takes 3 hours to cover the route, a non-stop flight can take more than that, depending on the layover.


The airlines flying on the DAC-DEL route are:


  • Biman Bangladesh
  • Air India
  • US-Bangla Airlines
  • Vistara
  • Indigo


Other airlines flying on the DAC-DEL route are:


  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qatar Airways


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What is the situation of COVID-19 in Delhi now? Do we need RT-PCR to enter Delhi?


There was a slight surge in Covid-19 cases across India, but it quickly disappeared. Similarly, the COVID cases in Delhi are well under control. The government is taking all precautions to minimize the risk of infection. Hospitals are also taking preventive measures in their capacity for the same.

RT-PCR test is unnecessary, but patients may take it for safety. Consult your doctor before proceeding with any test.


Is COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for traveling to India?


It is no more mandatory to get Covid vaccination for traveling to India.

You may read about required vaccinations for travel to India here.


How much is the cost of a visa from Tunisia to India?


The cost of an Indian medical visa for Tunisian nationals is $122.37 or DT 371. This Visa will be valid for one year and is a triple entry type visa. The processing fee for a medical and attendant visa of 6 months with single/multiple entries is $81.47 or DT 247. Indian tourist visa for Tunisian nationals is around $101.92 or DT 309. It is valid for up to one year with single/multiple entry.


I want to visit India for the surgery, but I don’t have any attendees. Can I travel alone?


Thank you for your question.

If you are planning to undergo major surgery, we suggest you get an attendee (family member/friend/acquaintance) to accompany you to India. Your attendee will take care of the logistics and act as a support system during your surgery. But if, in any case, you are coming alone to India for your surgery, there is nothing for you to worry about.


GoMedii will provide our representative as your attendee to oversee the treatment. The representative will stay with you in the hospital as your attendee and care for the necessities.


Click here to book an appointment!


Is it possible to get treatment with a tourist visa?


You can only get doctor consultations and medical check-ups with an Indian tourist visa. If you want proper treatment, like surgeries and therapies, you must come to India on a medical visa.


How much time will it take to reach Delhi from Kolkata?


Kolkata lies in the eastern part of India, while Delhi is in the northern part of India. The time taken to reach Delhi from Kolkata depends on the mode of transport you choose.


Mentioned below is the time taken to reach Delhi from Kolkata via various means of transport:


  • Bus: 38-43 hours
  • Train: 17-27 hours (depending on the train)
  • Taxi: 30 hours
  • Airplane: 2-7 hours (depending on the type of flight taken)


One thing that makes India a top choice for international medical travelers is the high-quality, cost-effective treatments. India has many renowned healthcare chains specializing in oncology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, etc. One can get treatments in India at almost one-fifth of the cost in the USA, the UK, or Singapore.


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