Get Treatment For Ichthyosis Congenita, A Rare Condition

Some conditions in medical science are rare due to the way their occurrence happens in the human body. Ichthyosis congenita is one such condition. We received a case with the condition and the query read “treatment for ichthyosis congenita”. While we were looking into the case, we understood that it was rare and we had to bring it to our reader’s attention. We are here to help you know more about symptoms of ichthyosis congenita, what is the definition of ichthyosis congenita & much more. Read through!


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What is the treatment for ichthyosis congenita?


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Treatment of ichthyosis congenita is only possible if you know what is the definition of ichthyosis congenita. Also known as the “Liquor disease” it is an inherited rare condition of the skin.


As the NORD says, ” Ichthyosis is a general term for a family of rare genetic skin diseases characterized by dry, thickened, scaling skin”


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What are the types of ichthyosis congenita?


There are different types of ichthyosis congenita that you must know about. What are these types dependent on? They are according to

  1. To what amount is the scaling scattered over the body
  2. The redness of the skin and the intensity of it
  3. The mode of inheritance; and
  4. The character of associated abnormalities.

The types of ichthyosis congenita:


a) Ichthyosis vulgaris:


This condition can be recognized by small scales on dry skin. The colors range from white to dirty gray or brown. Ichthyosis Vulgaris slows your skin’s natural shedding process.


b) Lamellar ichthyosis:


Found in infants. Those born with it are typically born with a tight, clear sheath covering their skin called a collodion membrane.


c) Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis:


Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis is a skin disorder that is present at birth. Affected babies may have very red skin (erythroderma) and severe blisters.


What is the life expectancy of someone with ichthyosis?


This condition is nothing related to the internal functioning of the body parts. For the most part, people who have ichthyosis Vulgaris live a normal life. Although they will probably always have to treat their skin. The disease rarely affects overall health.


Can ichthyosis be cured?


Rare diseases are hard to cure. Yet treatment for ichthyosis congenita is not impossible. Just like our patients from New Macedonia, you can also drop your queries for any type of Treatment for ichthyosis congenita you would need.


What kind of disease is ichthyosis?


Treatment For Ichthyosis Congenita, types of ichthyosis congenita, life expectancy of someone with ichthyosis, kind of disease is ichthyosis, Is ichthyosis congenital disorder from birth


As we have mentioned above as well, that it is a genetic condition. It is related to skin and to get the treatment for ichthyosis congenita, you must drop your queries.


Is ichthyosis an autoimmune disorder?


Yes, it very well can be. Treatment for ichthyosis congenita is done depending upon the type. Association of autoimmune conditions with acquired ichthyosis could indicate that an abnormal host immune response.


In simple language, the body has some internal responses which can cause this condition to occur. It is mostly related to the immune symptom.


When does ichthyosis appear?


The signs and symptoms are necessary, to understand because they then make things easier in case of treatment for Ichthyosis.


  • First, it is characterized by scaly and dry skin usually over large areas of the body.
  • The skin may also itch (pruritis) and be red (erythroderma).
  • Babies born with some form of the disorder may be born covered in a parchment-like membrane called a collodion membrane.
  • The appearance of the scales may vary.
  • The more severe forms of ichthyosis can cause other problems. When the skin loses moisture, it becomes dry, tight, and inelastic.

Is ichthyosis congenita treatment possible in India?


If we get queries, we put our best effort at GoMedii to find you the “treatment for ichthyosis congenita” in the best of the hospitals. Yet, there are only selective hospitals for such treatments.


What is ichthyosis congenital autosomal recessive?


Autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis (ARCI) is a heterogeneous group of disorders of keratinization characterized primarily by abnormal skin scaling over the whole body. These disorders are limited to skin, with approximately two-thirds of patients presenting severe symptoms.


Is ichthyosis congenital disorder from birth?


Treatment For Ichthyosis Congenita, types of ichthyosis congenita, life expectancy of someone with ichthyosis, kind of disease is ichthyosis, Is ichthyosis congenital disorder from birth


Yes, as the below image shows that most infants go through such a disorder. It is rare and might not happen to everyone. The number of cases is fairly low.


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