6 Major Organs That Get Damaged By Smoking

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

Cigarettes are like best buddies to those who smoke. The love that smokers feel toward cigarette is nothing like a usual one- Kyuki Jaan Jaye Par cigarette Na Jaye. You know how much a cigarette can affect your body but that doesn’t concern you. Well, it will once your so-called best buddy will harm your internal parts. In the following, we will be discussing all the organs that get damaged by smoking.


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You are addicted to cigarettes because the nicotine in the cigarette won’t allow you to leave them once you are deeply in love. With nicotine, there are various other chemicals inhaled by many smokers which can damage the body and its various parts.


Following organs that get damaged by smoking:




Your lungs will be sad that you are not bothered about there condition. The lungs get affected by smoke- cough, cold, wheezing and asthma are just the opening for the worst. More to it- smoking can cause fatal conditions such as pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. However, in reference, the majority of the deaths are reported due to conditions like lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).




Among the list of the organs that get damaged by smoking, there is the heart. Smoking damages the heart as well as blood circulation and puts you at risk of fatal diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

In general, carbon monoxide and nicotine in the cigarette makes the heart to beat faster raises the risk of blood clots. 


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Smoking indeed puts the smoker at a higher risk of stroke which can further result in brain damage and brain death. By smoking, you are doubling your risk of dying from a stroke. Smoking can also cause a brain aneurysm- bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel- which increases the chances of stroke


Mouth and throat


Problems like bad breath and damaged teeth are some inevitable problems that smoking can cause. Besides, it can also cause gum disease, it reduces your gustatory and leads to oral thrush. In worst cases, it can increase the likelihood of cancer in lips, tongue, throat, voice box and esophagus. Mouth and throat to be included in the list of organs that get damaged by smoking.




The amount of oxygen required by the skin is not met among smokers which make their skin look grey and dull. If you care for your skin know that smoking causes the skin to age prematurely. You will have problems like facial wrinkling, sallow, yellow-grey complexion, and hollow cheeks. Once you stop smoking these problems will also stop from further deterioration to the skin.


Reproduction organ


In addition to the above, reproductive organs are one among such organs that get damaged by smoking. Male smokers can suffer from male impotence, damaged sperm, reduced sperm count and testicular cancer. As for females, it reduces fertility, increases the risk of cervical cancer. And smoking during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, and illness.


With this, I hope you must have understood the risk that smoking involves and the harm that it can cause to the organs in your body. It’s better late than sorry! Get your act together and lower your risk of all such conditions that smoking causes.


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