Lung Cancer Awareness Month: A Leading Cause of Death

Tanuja Bisht

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We all celebrate November as the Lung Cancer Awareness Month through which we can raise community awareness related to lung cancer and its signs and symptoms among people. It the month when people across the world come together in the same platform to fight back against and raise awareness regarding lung cancer.


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According to research, lung cancer is the second most regularly diagnosed cancer, along with which it has also the highest cancer mortality rate in people across the world. On the bases of these types of researches, Lung Cancer Awareness Month is on the most required types of initiatives all across the world.


As with any cancer type, the early detection of cancer is the key to survival. Screening for lung cancer with continued low-dose computed tomography (CT) has been demonstrated to reduce lung cancer mortality.


Some symptoms like coughing, hoarseness, wheezing, and fatigue that are often confused with less serious conditions. A person may have an increased risk of lung cancer if he/she has been exposed to asbestos, radon or other agents that cause cancer or if the person has a personal or family history of lung cancer disease. One of the main cause of lung cancer is smoking, yet not everyone who smokes gets cancer nor does everyone who gets lung cancer do smoking.


There are several events and programmes held in different parts of the world to celebrate Lung Cancer Awareness Month among those people who are suffering from this deadly disease as well as to offer information to people who are unaware of it.


Lung cancer treatments may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments or one of several interventional radiology procedures. A person should discuss lung cancer symptoms, risks, and treatment options with the doctor.



What is Lung Cancer?


Lung cancer is the stage of uncontrolled abnormal cells growth that starts off in the lungs. Usually, this cancer starts in the cells around the air passages area. These uncontrolled abnormal cells growth inside the lungs rapidly divide to form tumors.


As the number of tumors becomes larger, tumors start affecting the lung’s ability to provide the oxygen bloodstream.


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What are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?


Following are some of the symptoms related to lung cancer including;


  • Coughing up phlegm or blood


  • Lingering or worsening cough



  • Hoarseness


  • Chest pain during breathing, laugh, or a cough



  • Loss of appetite





What are the Treatments for Lung Cancer?


Following are some of the treatment of lung cancer depending upon its type. The treatment varies for non-small cell lung cancer from person to person, depending upon particular details of the health.


  • Surgery- For removing the affected portion of the lung.


  • Chemotherapy- This process is recommended by a doctor if cancer is at high risk of recurrence.


  • Choices are there for treating non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


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