5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali

Tanuja Bisht

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This year Diwali will be celebrated by all of us especially by Hindus on November 7th, 2018. Although the festival is a long five-day affair during which people visit their relatives and meet with friends, conduct prayers with their families in homes and offices, light up their houses, and blow out crackers. Apart from these all things, a huge part of the festival is its food, most of which are rich in fats and sugar. In this blog, we will discuss 5 diet tips for diabetics for a healthy Diwali.


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Diwali sweets and savories are supremely tasty, but they can be harmful to your health. More importantly, overeating on Diwali treats can be harmful to those people who are suffering from various health conditions, especially for those who are suffering from diabetes or irregular blood sugar levels as well as high blood pressure or hypertension. It is very important for a diabetes patient to be careful of their diets around the festive season because eating whatever you like might lead to disastrous consequences. Giving diet tips for diabetics for a healthy Diwali is easy but sometimes difficult to maintain.


The extent to which diabetics can indulge in sugary sweets during Diwali festival depends on their individual condition. If diabetics have been taking care of their diet and are exercising on a daily basis, then it may be okay for them to indulge in this festive season. The most important thing for a diabetic to do during Diwali time or any other festive season, in general, is to learn to listen to their bodies and be aware of the symptoms.


5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali


1. Healthy Snack


If you are diabetic and planning to travel this Diwali then make sure that you carry your own healthy snacks, for times when you are stuck in traffic and it’s time for you to eat something. You can things such as plain popcorn, non-fried namkeens etc., along with you to make your travel comfortable.



5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali



2. Go Sugar-Free This Diwali


Believe it or not but Diwali sweets are just too difficult to say no. And fortunately, on Diwali season a number of brands and sweet shops start making and selling sugar-free Indian sweets for the benefit of diabetics.



5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali



3. Eat Instead of Drinking


We all know that during any festive season we got a number of invitations to card parties, where it’s difficult for us to resist the temptation to have a few glasses of wine or any other alcoholic drinks. But a diabetic patient should be careful about drinking alcohol, instead of drinking alcohol a diabetic can have snacks.


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5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali



4. Stick To Healthy Routine


It’s the most important thing for diabetics to maintain a healthy routine with a fixed meal and snack timings. If it’s not possible to eat regularly on time during Diwali, a diabetic can break the meals up into snacks to ensure that the dose of calories is as similar to pre-festival days as possible.


5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali



5. Choosing Healthier Food Options


Those people who are suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes they need to do extra precautions about their diet during Diwali. It’s not okay to overdose on sweets on a festive day.


5 Diet Tips for Diabetics For a Healthy Diwali






All the above diet tips for diabetics for a healthy Diwali are easily made and eat. But the only difficult part is sticking to the same eating pattern for a long whole day.


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