Here’s Benefits of Exercise to Improve Sleep

Tanuja Bisht

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Well, we hear from a lot of health-conscious people that exercise is good for sleep. But actually, this is the fact that exercise is good for sleep. When you are taking care of yourself and doing regular exercise, you may likely observe that you’re not only feeling better during the day but better sleep at night, too. Exercises can give excellent benefits to your sleep. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of exercise to improve sleep.


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A recent study, published in the periodical National Sleep Foundation,” reveals that exercise helps in improving sleep. Exercise boosts mood and diminishes stress. It can also strengthen the circadian rhythms, helping effect on sleepiness at night, and improving daytime alertness. Exercise also shown to improve sleep for people with sleep disorders which include obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia. Read below more about benefits of exercise to improve sleep.



Here's Benefits of Exercise to Improve Sleep




How Can Exercise Affect the Sleep?


There are several benefits of exercise to improve sleep including;



Improving Sleep Quality:


Exercise can add to more restful sleep. Some physical activity helps in increasing the time spent in deep sleep, the most physically healthful sleep phase. Deep sleep helps in boosting the immune function, control stress and anxiety, and support cardiac health. Hence we can say that yes there are benefits of exercise to improve sleep.


Here's Benefits of Exercise to Improve Sleep



Increase Sleep Amounts:


In addition, to improve the quality of sleep, exercise can also help you to increase the duration of nightly rest. Being physically active needs you to extra energy, and helps you to feel more tired. This research shows that regular exercise can help in boosting sleep duration.


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Reduce Stress and Relieve Anxiety:


A regular exercise also helps in reducing the stress levels. Stress is a common cause of sleep problems such as sleeping restlessly during the night and trouble falling asleep. Exercise is a great remedy for anxiety and other mood disorders. Body and mind exercise like yoga can help quiet the parasympathetic nervous system, which can make you relax. Research shows that this mind-body exercise helps in stretching as well as lowering cortisol levels and reducing blood pressure that enhance positive effects on mood.



Here's Benefits of Exercise to Improve Sleep



Help with Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders:


Scientific pieces of evidence indicate that the exercise can also be effective on natural therapy for insomnia. Studies show that exercise help in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. Aerobic exercise is particularly effective in helping the reduction of insomnia symptoms. People with insomnia can see the benefits of exercise kick in over time. Exercise can help in lowering the severity of sleep-disordered breathing and reduce the severity of obstructive sleep apnea.






There are lots of benefits of exercise to improve sleep not only the sleep but the overall health. A little bit of exercise can really make life easier.


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