Know The Importance of Exercise

Somya Verma

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When it comes to the importance of exercise there is no doubt and debate on why it is valuable. From aerobic exercises to strength training, each of them has a specific effect on your body.


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You must know, what kind of exercise helps which muscle or organs. An exercise of 60 minutes a day is sufficient. If you are going tight on time, you must understand that a minimum of 30 minutes is important.


Importance of Exercise


Exercise is a good and healthy weight is important to keep yourself away from diseases. If you do not do regular exercise then there are high chances of type 2 diabetes. A lethargic lifestyle can increase the risk of heart diseases as well. The amount of exercise matters, but what matters more is that you do it and understand the importance of exercise.


1) Why heart patients should know the importance of exercise?


Our heart is an important organ to take care of. Are you an exercise freak? No? No worries, but we are sure you must have heard your gym freak friend say “I did cardio” today. They actually mean, they did a lot of running and exercises that pump up their heartbeats.


This is because cardio exercise helps the heart pump more blood. At the same time you sweat more in a cardio exercise, this helps burn the bad fat and take out the bad cholesterol in your body. Keeping up with your heart health.


2) What is the importance of exercise for a diabetic person?


We all know that diabetic people need to take care of their weight. The sugar level in the body rises with increasing weight and junk food. A healthy living demands exercise and hence the importance of exercise lies in doing it regularly. Weight loss is important and adding to your diet you must exercise also.

You can add a session of Zumba or a regular gym membership to get fit and lose weight. It is time to take out your running shoes and get them to work.


3) Do you know the importance of exercise for a Thyroid patient?


Exercise is very important for thyroid patients. You understand the importance of exercise when you have to balance your weight. The thyroid gland secretes hormones that are necessary to be in balance. When they are not in balance then you either gain too much weight or lose a lot.


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4) What is the importance of exercise for those suffering from depression?


Those with mental illness must do some regular physical exercise. It helps to keep your mind and body relaxed. It helps the brain get more oxygen which is important for its proper functioning.

Weight gain or extreme weight loss, are symptoms of depression, which can be very well managed by regular exercise.


5) Do you know the importance of exercise for muscle building?


Exercise plays a vital role in building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. Physical activity like weight lifting can stimulate muscle building when paired with adequate protein intake.


This is because exercise helps release hormones that promote the ability of your muscles to absorb amino acids. This helps them grow and reduces their breakdown. As people age, they tend to lose muscle mass and function, which can lead to injuries and disabilities. Practicing regular physical activity is essential to reducing muscle loss and maintaining strength as you age


Also, exercise helps build bone density when you’re younger, in addition to helping prevent osteoporosis later in life. Interestingly, high-impact exercises, such as gymnastics or running, or odd-impact sports, such as soccer and basketball, have been shown to promote a higher bone density than non-impact sports like swimming and cycling.


The importance of exercise is known to many but we hardly practice it. So this new year make sure that you hit the gym or the ground and make yourself fit and healthy!


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