10 Basic Skincare Do’s And Don’ts – By Dr. Punit Pratap

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Radiant skin and complexion is a dream of every person. The radiant skin makes us feel like we are glowing from the inside out. If you are the one who is blessed with the beautiful skin then you just have to take care of it. And if you are not blessed with then you can make it beautiful some of the simple steps. Here we are sharing some skincare do’s and don’ts that help you to make your skin glowing and beautiful.


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Skincare Do’s And Don’ts:



1. Do Drink Plenty Of Water


Drink plenty of water comes first to the list of skincare Do’s and Don’ts. Your skin is one of the largest organs which covers your complete body. So, if you keep your body dehydrated then it results in dehydrated skin. Therefore, it is important for a person to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated. It will help to maintain a healthy complexion of the flush and skin also helps to throughout unwanted toxins from your body.

2. Do Exfoliate Gently


If you want glowing and healthy skin, then regular exfoliation is a must. It will help to remove the skin dead cells, keep your pores clean from the black and whiteheads.

3. Do Eat Healthy Food


Eating healthy food is an important part of your skincare do’s and don’ts list. So, If you love to eat junk food, drink a lot of alcohol, caffeine, or even smoke, then getting a perfect will be almost impossible to achieve. However, instead consume foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, E, A, and beta carotene will help your body fit and active.

4. Do Moisturize your skin:


Moisturizer is a vital beauty product. Whether it comes to your face or whole body, keeping your skin moisturized will help in multiple skin problems. Using an overnight moisturizer is one of the best ways to stay consistently hydrated.

5. Do Sleep Soundly For 7-8 Hours:


Each cell in your body, including the skin cells, requires a good amount of sleep on a daily basis. Your sleeping time is the time when the fresh and healthy cells rise to the skin’s surface and repair the damage that occurred in the day time.

6. Don’t Keep Touching Your Face


Here is the first and the most important don’t of your skincare do’s and don’ts list. It’s tough; especially, if you have a blemish. The more you touch your face, the more problems will arise.

7. Don’t Take Hot Showers


Well, the hot showers or baths are extremely soothing and relaxing, but they are not so good for your skin. Taking a hot shower not only negatively impact your skin’s natural moisture, but it also takes off the natural oils and proteins from your skin that helps you to keep your skin healthy.


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8. Don’t Always Trust Internet:


Although the internet favorite addictions for many for DIY ideas, it is not the most ideal place to find skincare advice. There are so many masks that you can use but it is important to be aware of which at-home ingredients are helpful and which could be harmful.

9. Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee


According to me, on the list of skin do’s and don’t, when it comes to coffee, it is a big NOO. One cup of coffee a day can be beneficial but too many cafeteria trips in one week can be dehydrating on the skin.

10. Don’t Move out without sunscreen protection


SPF’s should never be an option, but a priority to be worn daily for all skin types. Especially, in the winter! Sunscreen helps fight against the damaging effect of the UVA and UVB rays which causes premature skin aging and wrinkling along with skin cancer.




Above we have discussed the skincare do’s and don’t. we have to take care of our skin regularly and keep them hydrated as well. But if you are experience and changes in your skin condition then consult to a dermatologist for better consultation.


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