Skincare Tips: Protect Skin from Air Pollution

Anju Bisht

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Do you know pollution is the one major factor of skin damage? Considering the current air quality, where to protect skin from air pollution can be added to your priority. Exposure to pollution is making it hard for your skin to breath. Consequently, making it look dull, dry, and wrinkled.


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Continue reading to know what are the possible damages that pollution can cause to your skin. Moreover, Know about the various ways to protect skin from air pollution.


Air Pollution and Skin:


With the continuous deterioration in the air quality, exposure of skin to the toxic smog can make your skin unhealthy. Herein, we will know about the harmful effects of air pollution on our skin health, which includes;


1. Accumulated toxins on your skin block your skin pores and make it look dull and further leading it to lose its shine.

2. Regular skin contact with pollution is causing problems such as open pores, blackheads, and pimples.

3. The hyperpigmentation on the skin that is resulting from too much exposure to pollution.

4. Even it is accelerating premature aging to your skin.

5. Pollution strips the moisture from the skin and leaves the skin dry.


Ways to Protect Skin from Air Pollution


Well, let’s protect skin from air pollution with some super easy and basic lifestyle tips;


1. Look at What You Eat.


The first step to protect skin from air pollution is by eating healthily. Add food items that are rich in antioxidants and healthy fats to your diet. Including these items will make the protection begin from within.


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2. Let’s Moisturise it:


Easy-peasy! You just need to refill the moisture of your skin as we know that pollution takes away the moisture from the skin and leave it dry. Afterward, it is up to you either to use a natural or artificial moisturizer.


3. Cleanse it:


well, clean your face thoroughly to wash out the dirt. Wash your face twice a day, but make sure not to overdo it. Once your back home remembers to clean your make-up off.


4. Protect Skin Well;


You much apply sunscreen before you go out. The sunscreen will act as a guarding wall against the harmful smog and will prevent the harmful particles to enter deep into the skin.


5. Hydrate Yourself:


Either you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated or you get detox water prepared at home with amla or tulsi leaves. This detox water will flush out all the toxins or unhealthy substances from your body.


6. Steamy Bath:


It sounds really great, isn’t? As winters are almost here, a steam bath can offer so much. Firstly, get an almond or coconut oil massage and then get a warm shower or steam bath to restore what pollution took away.


As discussed, get set with the above-listed tips to protect skin from air pollution. Do not let the pollution or toxic smog take away the shine of your beautiful skin.


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