India welcomes 67000 babies this new year, the world highest

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67385 Babies born with the new year 2020 wishes in India, the highest in the world. Followed by 46299 in China, 26039 in Nigeria, 16787 in Pakistan, 13020 in Indonesia, and 10452 in the United States of America.


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India will likely account for 17% of the estimated 392078 babies to be born globally on New Year’s Day, according to UNICEF. Where Fiji in the Pacific will most likely deliver 2020’s first and United State’s its last said UNICEF.


UNICEF is the United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children around the world. Every year UNICEF celebrates babies born on New Year’s Day, an auspicious day for childbirth around the world.


Doctors said babies were born in the national capital region too. Also, “Some of them chose this day for delivery through cesarean section because they wanted their child to be born in a new year. Some felt it’s auspicious to welcome their bundle of joy in a new year,” said a doctor.


However, an official said the day is not certainly auspicious to some millions of newborns around the world. The UNICEF said 2.5 million newborns died in just their first month of life; about a third of them on the first day of life.


Most of these children died from preventable causes such as premature birth, complications during delivery, and infections like sepsis. Besides, more than 2.5 million babies are stillborn each year, the UNICEF says.


For the past 3 decades, remarkable progress has been seen around the world in child survival, cutting the number of children worldwide who die before their fifth birthday by more than half.


Still, there is slower progress for newborns. In 2018, babies dying in the first month and children under five accounted for 45%, up from 40% in 1990.


A campaign run by UNICEF for immediate investment in health workers with the right training, who are equipped with the right medicines to ensure every mother and newborn is cared for by a safe pair of hands to prevent and treat complications during pregnancy, delivery, and birth.


The UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore said, “Too many mothers and newborns are not being cared for by a trained and equipped midwife or nurse, and the results are devastating.” She also said, “We can ensure that millions of babies survive their first day and live into this decade and beyond if every one of them is born into a safe pair of hands.”


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