Love and Health on This Valentine’s Day 2018

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Each year, February 14 is celebrated as a special day for every lover. Most of the young couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by showering their loved ones with chocolates, heart-shaped gifts, flowers, and romantic dinners. But, the Loveday or the Valentine’s Day is not just for the lovebirds, the day is also for friends and families. Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to indulge our body with a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits for Love-Couples on Valentine’s Day 2018:

1. Say No To Junk Food

It is not like that you should completely cut junk food from your diet, but you can definitely try to reduce the number of times you consuming calorie through junk food. Both of you choose simple and nutritious foods over sweet and processed food.

2. Make A Routine

Routine is the most important thing in life as it helps you to do things in a timeframe. Make sure you have a fixed time for meal and exercise and encourage each other to follow the timetable.

3. Engage In A Physical Activity

Engaging in a physical activity does not mean that you have to hit the gym; you can play your favorite sport together like badminton. You can also include a brisk walking or a jogging together in the morning. Exercising together is also a great idea to spend some quality time together as a couple.

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4. To Eat At Least One Healthy Meal Together Every Day

It’s very important to eat at least one healthy meal together, you motivate each other to be healthy and taking healthy food is one of the best things you can do with your partner. But ensure that you should take a healthy meal together no matter how busy you are.

5. Point Out A Bad Habit When You See One!

There is no harm in picking unhealthy habits of each other such as drinking alcohol on a daily basis, eating junk food, and smoking. These unhealthy habits are maybe because of the place in which your partner is working, peer pressure, or friends. It is necessary to keep a check on each other’s developing bad habits and keep them aware of it.

11 Small Changes for Heart Health:

  • Eating fruits as a snack.
  • Eating oatmeals for breakfast.
  • Sometimes skip desserts.
  • Adding approximately 30 to 40 minutes of physical exercise.
  • Substitute olive oil over butter.
  • Eating fish once or twice a week.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Quit alcohol.
  • Doing meditation.
  • Cutting down salt snacks.
  • Skipping the elevator and using stairs for walking.

Not just on the Valentine’s Day, but try to include the above tips and suggestions for healthy living in your day-to-day activities. Also ask your partner to follow the same healthy tips all year long for a healthier, peaceful long life.

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