Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women

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Change is an important part of life for people with heart disease or for those who are trying to prevent it. An increase in blood pressure or cholesterol will allow you to talk about changes in your healthy lifestyle. Sufferers of heart attacks and strokes are often asked to change their lifestyle. Under this topic, today we will talk about the best ways to promote heart health in women.


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Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women



Some people manage to check their exercise patterns, unhealthy habits, and diet. The rest of us are trying to make changes, but we are not always successful in doing it. Instead of making a big change, you can improve the health of your heart through a series of small changes. Once you start, the change may not be so difficult. This approach may take longer, but it may also encourage you to make significant changes.


If you learn about your risk for heart disease and what makes it more threatening, you are more capable to adopt some heart-healthy habits such as exercising, getting enough rest, eating right, not smoking and paying attention to your health in general to protect your heart health.


Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women



Heart disease is one of the leading cause of death among women worldwide. Every year, more and more women die of heart disease as compared to men, as women often suffer heart disease and related risk factors. For example, the symptoms of coronary heart disease and heart attack, are often different for women than men. Women are also less likely to be optimally treated for certain heart diseases.


Following are some of the best ways to promote heart health in women through which they can actually take care of themselves in this busy and hectic life.




Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women


The top 7 ways to promote heart health in women are;


1. No Smoking: 

One of the best ways to have a healthy body is to quit smoking. You might not satisfied with this but try it, it will surely help you. {Read – Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) By WHO }

No Smoking



2. Having a Normal BMI (Body Mass Index):


Maintaining good body weight according to your height is best for your overall health. This weight maintaining is not only for heart health but for other chronic and harmful diseases.


 Having a Normal BMI (Body Mass Index)



3. Getting at Least 2.5 Hours or More of Physical Activity Every Week:


Physical activity or exercise helps in maintaining your overall health. Approx 2.5 hours of exercise every week will also help in maintaining your metabolism.


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Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women



4. Watching Seven or Fewer Hours of TV a Week:


For living a healthy life, you should not only take care of your body but also take care of your mind. for this, you can chill out just watching television with your friends and family.


Watching Seven or Fewer Hours of TV a Week



5. Eating Healthy Diet:


A diet which includes the foods helps in preventing serious illnesses as well as increase the immunity of the body. For this, you have to eat every day. Include more vegetables in your diet, try to eat the whole fruit, including whole grains, nuts, and legumes.


 Eating Healthy Diet



6. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks:


Avoid alcoholic drinks as they gradually harm the body organs. Heavy consumption of alcohol can damage the body systems and organs. It also slowly do the degeneration of the nervous system. Sometimes consuming excess alcohol intake leads to obesity.


Avoid Alcoholic Drinks



7. Cutting Down Sugar:


Cutting down sugar-sweetened soda or calorie-laden latte from your diet will help you in maintaining a good overall health. Excess intake of sugar increases the body weight.


Cutting Down Sugar




Other Benefits of  Healthy Lifestyle:


This healthy lifestyle also protects against other diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.


Some experts acknowledge that the women might get challenges in adopting these changes but these changes are helpful in preventing disease to promoting good health.


Top 7 Ways to Promote Heart Health in Women





If you already have heart disease, then you should definitely try these above best ways to promote heart health in women. Millions of women are living with some kind of heart disease or any other illness, and people provide a wealth of tips, advice, and information to help on your journey of the healthy heart. Always remember that prevention, accurate and early diagnosis, and treatment are important.


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