How to Keep Your Kid Away From Trauma – By Dr. Roli Munshi

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Keeping the child in your house safe is probably the only mission that every parent is on until the child does not finally stand to take care of himself. The world is becoming a complex place to live in where everything is unpredictable. So, how do you keep your kid away from Traumas? That is the challenge. Here are some ways through which you as a parent can keep your innocent little bundle of joy away from traumas.


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Before dealing with the ways to keep your kid away from trauma, we need to know some basics. These might include, questions like, What can your child be traumatized about? The mind of the toddlers are very sensitive and can catch on to its surroundings very well, hence it becomes important to keep your kid away from Traumas. Some of them that affect the maximum are the following:


1) Family tensions, which might include family feud or regular fight between the parents that affect the initial growth of the child and might force them into a traumatic situation.


2) Cinematic exposure, like war films and psychological thrillers, might affect the understanding of the surrounding for a child. It instills unnecessary fear in the child.


3) News Graphics and news that relate to violence and crime can also impact the thought process of your child. One should see that in the early stage the child is not prone to very harsh news lines. You need to understand also the reasons why keep your kid away from Traumas.


4) Unfortunate events, like a person’s death or a friend leaving or changing places of stay that lead to staying away from the loved ones, have resulted in the kids losing innocence and sometimes the capability to respond in a normal manner to the surroundings.


If you have a doubt that your child might be suffering from such problems, it is time you see an expert help your child stay away from a difficult situation.


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How can you keep your kid away from Trauma?



1) Keep them away from media exposure at early stages:


Try keeping your child away from media exposure where they can easily get to see a lot of unnecessary and wrong impacting visuals and graphics which can be avoided at an early stage.


2) Check for better friend circle:


Friends are said to be the family we choose. If your kid has a company that is not healthy and might harm his day to day working and thinking process, it might be traumatic if anything happens to the child which is related to his friend circle.



3) Try to settle in one surrounding


Frequent change of places affects the growing stages of a child. It is well known that a child attaches to little things in life, a home, is one of them, it is therefore recommended that you try not shifting places until it is inevitable.



4) Healthy lifestyle


A healthy body and mind demand a healthy lifestyle, try increasing the physical activity of your child and make sure they eat well and stay healthy to keep your kid away from Traumas.



5) Build a strong character


Do not make your child timid in the attempt of guarding him too much. Make him or she understand the importance of life and the tough things that it brings. It is important that children are given the taste of reality to not let them fall hard when they face problems.



It is the duty of every parent to protect their child as long as they are capable of doing so, and giving them a really comfortable family space is the first in the lot. Make them feel homely and keep them happy to keep your kid away from Traumas. You set an example for your child and so be a good one. For any further difficulties, you can always contact our health experts.


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