Are You Suffering From Lower Respiratory Tract Infections??

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The lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) is also known as pneumonia, which can further be applied to other types of infection including acute bronchitis and lung abscess. Its symptoms include weakness, fever, shortness of breath, coughing, and fatigue.


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Are You Suffering From Lower Respiratory Tract Infections??



There are other types of symptoms that are characteristic of lower respiratory tract infections including bronchitis and edema. Influenza affects both the upper respiratory tracts and the lower respiratory tracts.


Doctors usually consider antibiotics as the basic treatment for pneumonia; however, they are not effective for viral or parasitic infections.


According to one of a study, the lower respiratory tract infections are the third most significant cause of mortality globally as well as responsible for more than 4 million deaths annually.




What is Lower Respiratory Tract Infections?


Well, if we define in scientific language the lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) are infections that affect the airways, including the alveolar and the trachea sacs.


LRTI can also be characterized in many different ways including acute bronchitis, influenza, and bronchiolitis, whereas acute infections that affect the alveolar sacs can include pneumonia.




What are the Symptoms of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections?


Following are some of the symptoms of this disease including;


  • Congestion or a runny nose


  • A dry cough


  • Low-grade fever


  • A sore throat


  • A mild headache


  • Fever


  • Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing



  • A severe cough


  • Changing the skin color to blue due to lack of oxygen


  • Chest pain or tightness



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What are the Causes of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections?


Utmost respiratory viruses can cause LRTI including Rhinoviruses, Coronaviruses, and Parainfluenza viruses.




How the Lower Respiratory Tract Infections are Diagnosed?


There are several tests that a doctor may perform for diagnosing LRTI including;


Pulse Oximetry: For checking the amount of oxygen is present in the blood.


Chest X-ray: Used for looking the images related to signs of pneumonia.


Blood Test: To check the presence of viruses, bacteria, or other organisms in the blood.


Laboratory Tests: For checking the presence of bacterial organisms in the body.




What are the Treatments for Lower Respiratory Tract Infections?


Several LRTIs are limited and can be resolved without the need for any additional treatment. Basically, its treatments are chooses on the bases of its symptoms. Following are some of the suggestions regarding the treatment of this disease.



Taking lots of fluids and complete rest. Using a humidifier to breathe moist, warm, air may provide relief. Avoid cigarette smoke and other pollutants like chemical fumes.



Well, LRTIs are viral, some of the medications are generally not used in treatment. But some over-the-counter medicines may provide relief from symptoms:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs


  • Acetaminophen


  • Bronchodilator inhaler


  • If an LRTI is due to bacteria, antibiotics may be prescribed, depending on the infection and overall health.


Other Treatments

In the case of serious LRTIs, maybe the hospital treatment is necessary. Treatments for LRTIs in the hospital include:

  • Intravenous fluids


  • Ventilation support


  • Humidified oxygen





Lower respiratory tract infections is also defined as pneumonia which can be easily treated. Antibiotics are the common treating agents as well as some lifestyle changes are also helpful in treating this infection.


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