Gym or Freehand Exercise – What is Better?

Prakhar Tyagi

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Exercising should be an essential part of your daily schedule, especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle. And when you are determined to make exercise a part of your daily regimen, you will need to decide whether to join a gym and train on equipment or machines or begin freehand exercises, which does not require equipment or machines.

Working out at home has its own advantages. You can do exercises at your own convenient time and in your own convenient clothes. Even you want to do some meditation at home during your freehand training, it would be a lot much easier to concentrate than in a gym. There are bodyweight workouts that are stimulating and challenging as well and will ensure your fitness and a tremendous physique.

As a healthy option, you can begin doing the following freehand exercises regularly, instead of hitting a gym:

  • Push-ups: this is the most popular free hand exercise to build your upper body;
  • Ab crunches: if you want to have a totally toned belly, go for ab crunches;
  • Squats: another popular exercise targeting abdomen and legs;
  • Side bends: if you want to get rid of those bulging love handles, side bends is the freehand exercise for you.

However, going to a gym can also offer you some advantages; it keeps you motivated to do exercise because of the ambiance. Also, you can use specific equipment to focus on particular parts of your body. Working out in a gym also ensures that you are working out under the watchful eyes of a professional fitness expert.

Thus, both forms have advantages and disadvantages and in the end, it is more about your preference as an individual. [People Also Like: Healthy Habits to Improve Your Life]

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