Tricks and Exercise to Improve Focus and Concentration

Vaibhav Saxena

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Does your mind tumble from one subject to another in such frequent time that thinking peacefully has become something out of your mental capacity?


Do you always keep wondering why don’t you grasp any knowledge exponentially or whatever the material you learn or read seeps away from your mind?


Yes, the above-mentioned troubles keep happening and the major reason is lack of focus and concentration. This problem is very common, man and woman have been facing this issue from early ages as well so there many tricks and exercises that have been kept developing to improve focus and concentration.


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Tricks to Improve Focus and Concentration:

There are some quick and easy tricks that are helpful in mending the power of focusing on a particular subject or series of consequent subjects with utter concentration.


With these tricks, you can easily grasp the things you to try learn or study.


The human mind is considered very assailable to distraction and diversion, in fact, a little callous comment or statement is enough to destroy a well-built concentration for a human mind.


Learn the underlying tricks to avoid distraction and diversion and improve focus and concentration.


1. Construct a time plan:

Pre-planning is the basic and robust concept for achieving any task or work with full success and accomplishment.


By constructing a time plan you are able to manage things properly and in a coordinated manner which eliminates the chances of burden. This will lead to less task in a sufficient time for you which will enhance focus and concentration automatically.



2. Control your thoughts:

Mark a line of control for your thoughts to wander inside that will avoid your mind to jump from one thought to another and focus on the particular subject you want it to.



3. Avoid multitasking:

The human body is entirely capable of performing multiple tasks at a single time but it’s not a child’s play as it increases tensions and hassles in the mind. So immediately avoid multitasking for better targetting and grasping one element at a time.



4. Conquer procrastination:

Postponing things and rendering the work in it’s halfway is a human tendency and signs of deficiency in dedication. Avoid this habit and try to develop interests and dedication in the completion of tasks.



5. Concentration music:

Peace of mind is the art of conquering all of your desired actions of mind. To achieve the peace of mind music is a great option. Listening to your favorite music which brings calmness and peace is a great way of improving focus and concentration.


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Exercises to Improve Focus and Concentration:

Finding an ailment or problem which can not be healed or controlled with the help of exercises is the task next to possible. There are many effective exercises available to improve your focus and concentration.


1. Count things:

Counting things helps you with increasing your power of targetting and focusing. Start with counting anything you find near you like words in a page of a book, recheck yourself again and again.

Also, try counting backward numerically from 100 to 1 and alphabetically from Z to A.



2. Talk to yourself:

This exercise will improve your hesitation issues along with concentration troubles. To practice this exercise mark two spots on a mirror and imagine them as eyes. Focus on them by keeping your head still and practice to talk to yourself.



3. Eastern Way of Concentrating:

Firstly, Sit in a chair in an upright position. Now keep one finger against your right nostril and take a long, deep breath. Count to ten while drawing the breath and then expel it with retention.



4. Meditation:

Meditation is considered to be the most effective and major tool for enhancing the power of concentration and focusing. Start with dwelling yourself into it and concentrating on one point or practicing yoga exercises. Best time of meditation is early morning in the fresh air.



5. Sleeping:

Getting enough long sleep of over 6 hours is a necessity of keeping your brain healthy and energetic. This energy you get from a healthy sleep helps you in keeping your mind active.





The study states, the person that can concentrate well can gain full control over his body and mind and be the master of his inclinations. So, immediately adopt these tricks and exercises to improve your focus and concentration.


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