6 Benefits of Meditation: The Dhyaan Marg to Happiness

Prakhar Tyagi

, Health A2Z

There are several benefits of meditation including;

  • Meditation helps in reducing stress.
  • It helps in improving concentration.
  • Have benefits in increases self-awareness.
  • Meditation slows aging.
  • Meditation helps treat depression in mothers to be.

What is Meditation?

Oxford dictionary defines “meditation” as “focussing one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation”.

Meditation aids in controlling our mind and thoughts, and thus, relaxing and resting our mind. It is believed that Meditation is essential to feel good and to lead a happy and content life.

Meditation is a wonderful technique to counter modern-day stress and work pressure. You may find it interesting to note that as per Dalai Lama, if we get our children to meditate from the age of 8 years onwards, then we may be able to eliminate violence from the world in only one generation.

How Meditation Helps You?

There are so many advantages to meditation but here are 6 benefits of meditation which are scientifically proven:

  • Reduces Anxiety: If you are suffering from anxiety then Meditation is a great way to fight it. Studies show that you can reduce anxiety considerably if you meditate just for 20 minutes every day.


  • Helps Fight Depression: Meditation is considered to be one of the best ways of treating depression. Meditation soothes nerves of the brain, helps ease emotions, and relaxes the brain. A relaxed brain is much better equipped for fighting depressing and negative thoughts that come to your mind when you are depressed.

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  • Improves Concentration: Meditation is all about controlling your thoughts and relaxing your mind. Meditation helps to improve concentration in all, irrespective of their age group. If you meditate regularly then you will not be distracted from your work and your performance will improve in every sphere of your life.


  • Improves Energy Levels: Regular meditation equips you with the ability to fight negative emotions more efficiently, thus enabling you to create a positive ecosystem for yourself.


  • Enables Emotional Control: As you gain an inner source of energy by meditating, you feel relaxed and get ready to face undertake challenging assignments.


  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure: Meditation helps reduce your blood pressure levels as well as fight tension related pains, such as tension headaches, insomnia, muscle pain, ulcers, etc. Apart from the benefits suggested above, meditation can help you in improved communication skills; holistic rejuvenation of mind and body; improvement of the immune system; increase in creativity; self-awareness, greater confidence, and better health.Go ahead, encourage yourself, start meditating and see the world change around you.
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