10 Triggers for Migraine Headaches – You Should Know

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Migraine, one of the worst kind of pain for the individual who is dealing with it, only the person can understand the pain who is facing it. Whenever you are the onset of a migraine pain you just need a dark room, a bed with the towel on your face. You don’t see the brightness of the day and don’t even want to eat. There are so many factors which work as triggers for migraine headaches and make your headache worst.


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Triggers for Migraine Headaches



1. Stress


Well, stress is one of the biggest culprits of all, it is a trigger for migraine headaches for almost 70% of people, according to a study around 50-70% of people had a significant connection between the stress level and the migraine activity.



2. Changes In or An Irregular Sleep Pattern


There is a strong connection between migraine and sleep. Sleep renews and repairs your all body including the brain. So, it is quite obvious when the sleep pattern gets affected or irregular, the individual is more likely to have migraine attacks.



3. Hormones


Females are three times more prone to migraine as compare to men, and more or less 75% of females find that the event of migraine attacks near the time of their menstrual period. This type of migraine attack is called “menstrual migraine,” which occurs only during a women’s period because of the change of the hormones like estrogen and progesterone.



4. Caffeine and Alcohol


Caffeine and alcohol may be considered as triggers for migraine headaches. Because some people find the migraine symptoms are heightened after the consumption of caffeine or alcohol. contrary, some other people who say that a cup of coffee can reduce the migraine symptoms, even some medications which are designed to fight migraine pain can contain a dose of caffeine.


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5. Changes in the Weather


Certain changes in weather are also a trigger for migraine headache. Excessive heat, Strome and changes in barometric pressure are common weather-related triggers that can lead to a migraine attack. High humidity, as well as heat it can easily tend to dehydration, which is another common trigger.



6. Diet


Diet, it also plays an important role to trigger the migraine attack. There’s a long list of food items which are known to trigger a migraine attack, the most common ones are which contain histamine and MSG, cheese, chocolate, and other dairy products, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, cured meats, and anything else which have a strong smell.



7. Dehydration


Around 35% of people who are dealing with migraine says that dehydration is one of the triggers too, and for some, even the slightest hint of dehydration can be the fast track to exhausting head pain. Dehydration affects the body from up to bottom which can cause confusion, dizziness, and can even become a medical emergency.



8. Light



Natural light is considered as an enemy for migraine. This condition is known as Photophobia, and for diagnosis, it is also criteria for the diagnose migraine. Both natural and bright light and fluorescent or flickering bulbs are a big problem for migraine patients, it makes difficult to spend time outside or be in an office environment.



9. Smell



Some odors can activate certain nerve receptors in the nasal passages that can also trigger a migraine attack or make worse one that already started. Aversion to odors (Osmophobia) is a common symptom of migraine.



10. Medication Overuse



Ironically, if you are dealing with regular migraine headaches and take medication prescribed by your doctor for more than 10 days of a month, it itself can be a cause of migraine attack—a phenomenon known as Medication Overuse Headache (MOH).




Well, these are the factors which can trigger the migraine attacks if you are the one who is dealing with the same then you should avoid these situations. For the migraine attacks, you should also avoid over-the-counter medicine to relieve pain and contact with an experienced doctor for the proper treatment.


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