Blood Clotting During Pregnancy Can Have Complications

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Pregnancy with its sweet messages also brings a lot of complications. We have time and again explained in our articles that taking care of young mothers is far more important during this time.


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Blood clotting during pregnancy is one thing that most of the soon to be mothers can face at the time of their pregnancy. It can be life-threatening not only to the fetus but also to the mother as well. What must be done and what can the conditions be? We will soon get to know, so read on.


Is it normal for me to have a blood clot during pregnancy?


Is blood clotting during pregnancy is normal? Yes, it’s normal when the women get pregnant she starts facing some hormonal changes due to the pregnancy, blood clotting is also the part of it. But yes, if the clot color is changing constantly then it creates a problem.


What is the blood clotting about?


A blood clot usually begins when the body sends cells, called platelets, to block the flow of blood. Generally, it occurs when you have a deep cut and bleeding continuously.


You might also have symptoms of blood clotting during pregnancy, these symptoms can be:


  • Swelling or pain in one side of the leg


  • Pain which worsens when you walk


  • Veins which look larger than normal


What puts you at risk of blood clotting during pregnancy?


There are a few pointers to look at, in order to understand why you are at high chances of blood clotting during pregnancy.


  • A close relative or you before have experienced DVT before



  • With an age over 35 years old


  • Obesity or Overweight


  • Long journeys at the time of pregnancy


  • You are expecting multiples


  • You have a Cesarean section


What complications arrive when blood clotting during pregnancy happens?


Though common and very much natural, blood clotting during pregnancy is fine until they go way within the specified time. There are some serious issues the mothers can face once the problem increases.


Clots in the placenta


The placenta grows in the uterus (womb) and supplies the baby with food and oxygen through the umbilical cord. Clotting in the placenta can stop blood flow to the baby and harm the baby.


Growth restriction


This condition refers to when the baby grows poorly in the womb. This can be a great issue when blood clotting during pregnancy happens.


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This condition happens when a baby dies in the womb before completing 20 weeks of pregnancy.


Placental Deficiency


It happens when the placenta doesn’t work as well as it should so the baby gets less food and oxygen.




It is a condition that can happen after the 20th week of pregnancy or right after pregnancy. It generally happens when a pregnant woman has high BP and signs that some of her organs, like- kidneys and liver, may not be working properly.


C- Section


A c-section is a surgery in which the baby is born through a cut which the doctor makes in the belly and uterus. According to the research recommends that doctors help to prevent blood clots in women during a c-section. It includes using compression devices which put pressure on the legs to help keep the blood flowing during the c-section.




When you don’t have a sufficient amount of water in the body. It causes blood vessels to narrow and the blood to thicken, which makes you more likely to have blood clots.


Here, we have shared with you important information related to blood clotting during pregnancy. In case you still have doubts, then book an online appointment with your gynecologist and find the best one on GoMedii app.


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