Top 10 Knee Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India

Several prominent knee replacement hospitals in India offer excellent medical facilities and services. These facilities feature highly qualified medical personnel, state-of-the-art machinery, and a track record in treating illnesses or enhancing appearances. GoMedii has produced a list of the Top 10 Knee Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India for your convenience.


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Types of Knee replacement Surgery


Some of the most popular knee replacement surgery include the following:


Total Knee Replacement (TKR): This is the most typical kind of knee replacement surgery. In TKR, the entire knee joint is replaced with artificial components made of metal and plastic. Implants made of prosthetic materials repair the damaged bone and cartilage.


Partial Knee Replacement (PKR): When only one compartment of the knee is injured, typically the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) compartment, PKR, also known as unicompartmental knee replacement, is carried out. In PKR, only the damaged portion of the knee is replaced, preserving the healthy parts.


Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement: This technique involves smaller incisions and less cutting of the surrounding muscles and tissues than traditional knee replacement surgery. It aims to reduce postoperative pain, promote faster recovery, and minimize scarring.


Revision Knee Replacement: This procedure replaces a failed or worn-out knee implant from a previous knee replacement surgery. Revision surgeries are usually more complex and require specialized implants and surgical techniques.


Bilateral Knee Replacement: Both knees are replaced during a single operation in a bilateral knee replacement. This approach is often considered for patients with severe arthritis in both knees and can benefit from simultaneous surgery.


Customized Knee Replacement: This type of knee replacement involves using patient-specific instruments and implants. Preoperative imaging and advanced technology create customized components that precisely match the patient’s anatomy.


Stages of Knee replacement surgery


The stages of knee replacement surgery typically involve the following steps:


Stage 1


Preoperative Evaluation: When only one knee compartment is injured, typically the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) compartment, PKR, also known as unicompartmental knee replacement, is carried out. This evaluation helps the surgeon assess the extent of knee damage and determine the most appropriate surgical approach.


Stage 2


Anesthesia: Once in the operating room, the patient is administered anesthesia. The options include general anesthesia (puts the patient to sleep) or regional anesthesia (numbs the lower body while the patient remains awake).


Stage 3


Incision: The surgeon makes an incision over the knee, typically 8 to 10 inches long, to access the knee joint. In minimally invasive procedures, smaller incisions may be used.


Stage 4


Resection of Damaged Tissues: Using surgical instruments, the surgeon carefully removes the damaged cartilage and bone surfaces from the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). This step prepares the joint for the artificial implants.


Stage 5


Implant Placement: Metal components, such as the femoral and tibial implants, are secured to the prepared bone surfaces using bone cement or press-fit techniques. The implants may have a plastic spacer between them to allow smooth movement.


Stage 6


Patellar Resurfacing (Optional): The undersurface of the kneecap (patella) may be resurfaced, and a plastic button attached to it if necessary, depending on the surgeon’s preference and the condition of the patella.


Stage 7


Joint Stability and Range of Motion Assessment: The surgeon checks the stability and range of motion of the new joint to ensure proper alignment and functioning. Adjustments may be made if needed.


Stage 8


Wound Closure: The incision is carefully closed with sutures or staples. Sometimes, a drain may be placed to remove excess fluid from the surgical site.


Stage 9


Postoperative Care: After surgery, the patient is moved to the recovery area for monitoring. Pain management, physical therapy, and exercises are initiated to promote healing, reduce swelling, and regain knee strength and mobility.


Stage 10


Rehabilitation and Recovery: The patient undergoes a period of rehabilitation, which involves physical therapy and exercises to gradually restore knee function, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and regain mobility. The duration and intensity of the rehabilitation program vary for each individual.


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Here are top 10 knee replacement surgery hospitals in India


1. Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi


Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital is a 230 bedded facility in Dwarka, New Delhi, accredited by NABH. It also has 15 Dialysis and 70 Critical care beds for treating the most complex cases. The hospital is well-known for its utmost care in Orthopedic and Joint replacement surgery.

Mr. J C Chaudhary is the Hospital’s Chairman, Dr. Ashish Chaudhary is the Managing Director and a leading Orthopedic Surgeon. The hospital has departments such as Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Dermatology, Diabetes & Endocrinology, ENT, Dentistry, etc.



Established in: 2011

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Hospital Plot, Road No. 201, Dwarka Sector-3, New Delhi, Delhi 110075


2. Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta


The Apollo Hospitals at Bannerghatta is a 250 bedded hospital located in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley. The hospital has state-of-the-art technology, making it a healthcare powerhouse in Bangalore. It is committed to investing in the latest medical technology on par with worldwide developments to ensure our patients benefit from the latest knowledge.



Established in: 2018

Location: Bangalore, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: 154, IIM, 11, Bannerghatta Main Rd, opposite Krishnaraju Layout, Krishnaraju Layout, Amalodbhavi Nagar naga, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076


3. Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute (Rash Behari Ave)


Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute, Kolkata, is an extended branch of Fortis Healthcare, established in 1999. This is a 60-bedded hospital in the prime location of South Kolkata. Mother Teresa laid the foundation of FHKI, one of the exceptional hospitals for Urology and Nephrology.

The hospital provides A-Z solutions for Urology & Nephrology, Stone Management, Prostate & Bladder Surgeries, Kidney & Urinary Tract Surgeries, 24 Hour Dialysis Unit, and 24-hour Renal Medical & Surgical Emergencies. The hospital also has a well-equipped, fully functional, separate laboratory department, which Super Religare Laboratory manages.



Established in: 1959

Location: Kolkata, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: 111A, Rash Bihari Ave, Dover Terrace, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029


4. Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road


Fortis Hospital, Bangalore (Bannerghatta Road), a multi-specialty hospital, began operating in 2006 in Bangalore. Since 2006, the hospital has established itself as a trusted institution in medical facilities and healthcare. It is ranked No. 3 amongst the best hospitals in the world and number 1 in India for Medical Tourism by Medical Travel and Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQ UA). Additionally, the hospital was ranked no.2 ‘Best Multi-Specialty Hospital in Bangalore’ by The Week – AC Neil Sen survey.

Dr. Nalini G Shenoy is an eminent Pediatrician in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, with extensive experience of more than 40 years. Her expertise lies in treating Adolescent Medicine, Newborn Jaundice, Chickenpox Treatment, Measles Treatment, Bronchial Asthma Treatment, Growth & Development, etc. She is a member of the Karnataka Medical Council.



Established in: 1990

Location: Bangalore, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: 154/9, Bannerghatta Road, Opposite IIM-B, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076


5. Lilavati Hospital And Research Center


Established in 1978, Lilavati Hospital And Research Center are NABH accredited. The Hospital Has Focused Its Operation On Providing Quality Care With A Human Touch, Which Truly Reflects The Essence Of Its Motto, “More Than Healthcare, Human Care.” The Hospital Is Located In The Heart Of Mumbai; And Is Very Close To The Domestic And The International Airports.

Our journey began with a humble opening in 1997 with ten beds and initially 22 doctors. Today, we have increased our capacity several folds and have 323 beds with one of the largest Intensive Care Units (ICUs). 12 Operation Theaters with advanced facilities, more than 300 consultants, and a workforce of nearly 1,800 employees. Lilavati Hospital and Research Center attend to about 300 In-patients and 1,500 Out-patients daily.


types of breast cancer surgeries in india


Established in: 1978

Location: Mumbai, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Lilavati Hospital And Research Center, A-791, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400050. India


6. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital


Inaugurated in 1951 by India’s first prime minister – Jawaharlal Nehru, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital has been at the forefront of healthcare for 65 years. Accredited by NABH, the hospital has multiple achievements to its credit, including E-India Award in 2010, Edge Awards in 2011 and 2012, Healthcare Excellence Award, CISCO Technology Award, and Medical Excellence Award.

It is one of the most advanced centers for Digestive and Hepatobiliary diseases, Gastrointestinal Surgery, and Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery in North India. The hospital has won the NABH Nursing Excellence Certification award due to the quality of nursing care.


Established in: 1996

Location: Mumbai, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, SV Road, Near LIC Colony, Suresh Colony, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra


7. Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram


Medanta The Medicity is amongst India’s largest and most renowned multi-super specialty healthcare centers with 1250 beds, 29 super-specialty units, and more than 800 accomplished doctors. Supported by state-of-art infrastructure, all the departments in the hospital are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, modular Operation Theatre, and modernized monitoring systems in ICUs.

Further to its credits, the doctors at Medanta are highly trained experts with international reputations. They have contributed to making world records and claimed many firsts not only in India but globally, especially for procedures like Liver transplant, intestine transplant, and Knee Replacement surgery. Apart from these specialties, clinical excellence is also marked by other departments like Cardiac surgeries and Neurosurgeries.


Established in: 2009

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Medanta The Medicity, CH Baktawar Singh Rd, near Olympus, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana 122001


8. Gleneagles Global Hospitals


It is one of the largest healthcare groups in the world by market capitalization and is listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia and the Main Board of SGX-ST. IHH is a leading player in Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, and India’s home markets and their critical growth markets of China and Hong Kong. The hospital caters to several key specialties, including Oncology, Neurosurgery, and Liver diseases.

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals caters to several overseas patients worldwide suffering from various disorders such as Liver ailments, Kidney failures, Breast Cancer, Leukaemia, and Neurological conditions, amongst others. Gleneagles Global Hospitals, located at Richmond Road, is a 40-bed specialty center focusing on Oncology, Orthopaedics, MIS, Interventional Radiology, ENT, and Urology.


types of breast cancer surgeries in india


Established in: 2008

Location: Hyderabad, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Gleneagles Global Hospitals, 67, Uttarahalli Main Rd, Sunkalpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060


9. Care Institute Of Medical Sciences


CIMS Hospital has been awarded best hospital for quality in service delivery award at the ABP News presents Healthcare Leadership Awards 2015 held at Mumbai. CIMS Hospital has been recognized as the Times Health Icon 2018 for being the best Hospital for Oncology and Critical Care. CIMS Hospital also was rated the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi.

CIMS Hospital was awarded being the best hospital in Gujarat for 2019 by the International Health Care Awards. CIMS Hospital is a 350-bedded, multi-super speciality and regarded one of the best multi-speciality hospitals of Ahmedabad in Gujarat providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services.



Established in: 1995

Location: Ahemdabad, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Care Institute Of Medical Sciences, Science City Rd, Science City, Panchamrut Bunglows II, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380060


10. Blk Super Speciality Hospital Delhi


B L Kapoor Hospital is one of the largest and well reputed tertiary care healthcare facility located in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The multi-super speciality hospital has a top-notch infrastructure with 650 inpatient beds, 125 critical care beds and 17 dedicated operation theatres.

The hospital has a panel of highly qualified and skilled doctors with a variety of specializations. They are supported by a trained clinical and paramedical staff, who strive to provide uncompromised medical care to all the patients.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital has been accredited by national and international organizations including Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). This certifies the hospital maintains the highest quality of clinical care and stringent safety norms. The hospital has a well-facilitated research centers and accredited clinical labs (NABL), ensuring accurate and definitive diagnostic practices.



Established in: 1959

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Accreditation: JCI and NABH

Multi-specialty: Multi-specialty

Address: Blk Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Rd, Radha Soami Satsang, Rajendra Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110005


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