10 Super Amazing Tips :How to Do Hair Care in Winter

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Are you looking for hair care in winter? If yes, then here we have some amazing tips for hair care in winter. The condition of your dry hair will become too worse when it comes to the winter. The cold winds really work hard to take out the moisture from your hair and leave your hair dull, rough and unmanageable. To save your hair and to polish it with moisture, here are few hair care tips for the winter season that will work great on your hair.


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Tips For Hair Care in Winters:


Here, is the list of tips hair care in winters:



1. Take Cold Showers:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter



Taking bath with hot water can make you feel relax on a cold day, but it dries your hair and take away the moisture from your hair, which left your hair dry and brittle. Cold water is good for the hair. It gives strength to your hair, tightens them and prevents them from clogging, improves blood circulation, eases your mental stress and makes your hair look shiny and healthy, and helps you to do haircare in winter.


2.Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


Deep conditioning treatment is the best way to hair care in winter. Winters can make your hair dry rough and dry. A hair conditioning mask is needed to restore the moisture, shine, and softness back to your hair. For this, you can take a banana, milk, and honey.


Take a ripe banana and make a smooth blend with a 1/4th cup of thick milk and 2 Tbsp of raw honey. Apply on the scalp of your hair and leave for around 45 minutes. Rinse with cool water. It leaves your hair soft, silky, and shiny.


3. Stop Over-Washing Your Hair:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


Washing your hair daily, strip away the essential oil and color from your hair and left it frizzy and coarse. Your scalp and hair need its own natural oil to look shiny, healthy and moist. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week.


4.Hydrate The Scalp:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


People usually suffer from flaky and dry scalp during the cold winter. Dry scalp can result in eczema, dandruff, hair roughness and promotes hair loss as well. Hydration comes from the inside, so make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your scalp hydrated. It boosts and keeps your scalp dandruff-free, healthy and help to hair care in winters.


5.Trim Your Hair:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


In winter, your hair is more prone to split ends and breakage. If the split ends are left unattended, it continues to move upwards and finally causes hair fall. The only way to remove split ends is to go for a regular hair trim in every two months. It makes your hair grow faster, healthier and prevents further split-ends.


6.Apply an Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


Dandruff is the biggest hair problem during winter. It makes your scalp irritated, itchy, and cause for embarrassment. The fenugreek mask is an amazing solution to remove dandruff completely.


Soak a half cup of fenugreek seeds overnight. In the morning, blend it and make a smooth paste. Add 2 Tbsp of lemon juice, 8-9 drops of olive oil and tea tree (essential) oil. Apply the paste on hair and scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse using lukewarm water.


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7.Hot Oil Massage:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


A hot oil massage gives a complete relaxation to your scalp in winters. Hot oil treatments prevent flaky and dry scalp, nourishes the hair, improves blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and keeps away split ends and dandruff.

For a hot oil massage, mix an equal amount of coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Lukewarm the oil and gently massage onto the scalp. Start from the roots and gently massage down the shaft of your hair. Wrap your head with the hot towel. Let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes and then remove.


8.Seal Your Ends:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


In winters, your hair tends to lose moisture quickly, thus promoting more split ends and breakage. Moisturizing the hair once in a week is not sufficient, your hair requires an adequate amount of moisture to protect, repair, and resist breakage regularly. So, it is important to seal the tip of your hair with a nutrient-rich moisturizer such as castor oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil, etc. Simply take few drops of oil on your palms and lightly massage to the tip of your hair.


9.Nourish Your Scalp with a Protein Hair Mask:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


Hair needs protein to grow, repair and rebuild damaged hair. This protein-rich mask will help to haircare in winters. Mix 2 egg with a 1/4th cup of thick milk along with few drops of olive oil. Mix it well and gently apply to your dry hair. Leave this mask for 30 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo and conditioner.


10.Some Other Tips for Hair Care in Winters:


10 Super Amazing Tips How to Do Hair Care in Winter


1. Avoid blow-drying your hair as it can damage hair cuticles. Leave your hair to dry naturally.

2.Oil your hair thrice in a week to keep your hair and scalp hydrated, strong, shiny and dandruff free.

3. For thick, healthy and strong hair have foods that are rich in zinc, iron, vitamin D and vitamin E.

4. While going out of the house, wear a scarf, hat, or a cap to protect your hair from the cold windy weather.




Here, are the 10 amazing tips to hair care in winters, use these super easy and useful tips, it will make your hair shiny, smooth and nourished during this hard winter. These tips also help you to protect your hair from harsh cold air which removes the moisture from your hair. These tips not only help you to nourish your hair in winters but even it would also be helpful for you all over the year, whether it is summer or rainy season.


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