ABO-incompatible Know the Causes, Risk, And Prevention

Sonali Kapoor

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Are you aware of this? Not exactly, because this is not very common at all, it rarely happens. Basically ABO- Incompatible happens when your body gets the wrong type of blood during a blood transfusion which creates a major problem for the patient. In this blog, we are providing you some detailed knowledge about ABO-incompatible and how to prevent this.


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What is ABO- Incompatible?


ABO incompatibility is a reaction which begins if you receive the wrong type of blood during a blood transfusion. It’s a rare case but the serious and potentially fatal response to incompatible blood by the immune system.


These reactions are vastly rare because doctors are aware of the danger of using the wrong blood during a transfusion. There are some precautions in place to reduce the chances of a mistake. The doctor and nurse know to look for certain symptoms during and after your transfusion that might mean you’re having a reaction. This allows them to provide you with treatment as quickly as possible.

What are the Symptoms of ABO- Incompatible?


There are some noticeable symptoms of ABO- Incompatible such as:



  • A powerful feeling that something bad is about to happen


  • Fever and chills



  • Muscle aches


  • Nausea


  • Chest, abdominal, or back pain


  • Blood in your urine


  • Jaundice


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What are the Causes of ABO- Incompatible?



Human error is the most likely cause of an ABO incompatibility reaction. If the transfusion uses the wrong blood type, it can be the result of mislabeled blood, incorrectly completed forms, or a failure to check donated blood before the transfusion.


Is ABO Incompatibility Common?



It is the most common maternal-fetal blood group incompatibility and the most common cause of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). ABO incompatibility in the newborn generally presents as neonatal jaundice due to Coombs-positive hemolytic anemia and occurs in 0.5-1% of newborns.



What is the Prevention of ABO – Incompatible?


There’s not much that patients can do to prevent ABO incompatibility reactions. However, most of the hospitals and blood banks have systems in place to reduce the chance that such a reaction will occur. These include:


  • Always checking the identities of donors to ensure that their details match the information on their blood samples correctly labeling stored samples.


  • Always check the blood type of both patients and blood packs before each transfusion.





I hope with the help of this blog you are now much aware of ABO-incompatible: Know the Causes, Risk, And Prevention. The best way to handle this is by the self-care, it’s the human right for the patient that he/she should have the whole knowledge about the treatment which is going through. Always consult a good doctor who gives you proper and satisfying treatment.


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