An Overview of Traumatic Arthritis: Symptoms & Treatment

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Traumatic arthritis is connected to the osteoarthritis which makes it one of the family member of arthritis. It is one of the most common kinds of arthritis as it affects over 15% of worldwide population. It is painful and fatal sometimes, so stay aware by reading every aspect below.


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What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an ailment in which severe inflammation is caused in one or multiple joints of the body due to autoimmune disorder occurring in the body.


The autoimmune disorder is basically disturbance in immunity system of the body as it starts to eliminate the unharmful cells or tissues alongside with harmful ones. This disease can impact one or more than one joint of the body but mainly targets the knee or hands, also it gets worse as you get older.


Arthritis can be subcategorized into two kinds;


1. Rheumatoid arthritis: The cartilage and lining placed between two bones are damaged which causes the bones to collide. This is a rare kind of arthritis which causes severe pain, difficulty in standing up and disability to movement.


2. Osteoarthritis: This is also called wear and tear arthritis which can be caused by an external injury as well. Also, this is the most common kind which affects the smaller joints more often like wrist, knee, hip, joint, and back. Traumatic Arthritis is a secondary form of osteoarthritis which arrives after the symptoms of osteoarthritis.




What is Traumatic Arthritis?


Traumatic arthritis also called Post-Traumatic Arthritis (PTA) due it’s delayed nature of acquiring the patient. This form of arthritis is curable and not a prolonged disease as it is majorly caused due to injury in the joint and merely due to inflammation of the joint.


This classification of traumatic arthritis categorizes it into two parts:


1. Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis: This is the most common kind of traumatic arthritis as it occurs in 20-50% of people who have had suffered from osteoarthritis. This happens due to injury in the affected joint of the body.


2. Post-Traumatic Inflammatory Arthritis: This condition is severe and very rare in people. It occurs due to inflammation in the joint and shows the connection with rheumatoid arthritis. It affects 2-20% of people suffering from arthritis.




What are the Symptoms of Traumatic Arthritis?


The PTA is a disease which shows clear symptoms in case of injury of the joint which is common. The symptoms are majorly similar to the ones of osteoarthritis. Major ones are mentioned below.

  • Swelling
  • Synovial effusion
  • Pain (acute to chronic)
  • Redness
  • Intra-articular bleeding
  • Tenderness
  • Stiffness



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What are the Treatments for Traumatic Arthritis?


One must understand that arthritis and traumatic arthritis are two different diseases. In arthritis, the joint is inflated without any outside source or injury whereas in post-traumatic arthritis the source of injury in external and solid.


The pain of this kind of arthritis can be severe or acute as well, depends on the condition of your joint.


There are many treatment options available to cure the problem but before that proper diagnosis is recommended which involves physical exam and X-ray of the affected joint.


1. Losing weight: A few lifestyle modifications are always helpful in curing any disease whereas it is highly positively effective in this case. Weight loss leads to lack of pressure on bones joints and relieves the pain.


2. Sports activities: Doing mild sports activities like jogging and swimming can be helpful in many aspects to reduce the stiffness, tenderness, and disability to movement.


3. Diet: Start adding spices like turmeric and ginger in your food dishes as both of them act as pain reliever component. Consume organic fruits and vegetables to find better strength whereas fish is also highly recommended as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are helpful in the condition of post-traumatic arthritis.


4. Medication: Over the counter medicines are available easily in pharmacy stores which are capable of providing relief in this condition. The doctor also prescribes injection for help.


5. Surgery: Surgical measures are available to provide cure to this ailment. One can have the affected joint debrided or reconstructed through surgery but there are many possible side effects as well so one must reconsider the surgery and should consult the professionals before choosing it.


6. Physiotherapy: Seeking a help from the physiotherapist is also a great option to find relief in pain and stiffness in the joint. A physiotherapist prescribes certain exercises and methods effective for a particular bone joint.





Preventing traumatic arthritis is not possible in today’s time whereas the risks can be minimized by reducing the possibilities of injuries in the bone joint and leading a healthy life by consuming healthy nutrient-rich diet and performing routines exercises.


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