Finger Pain: Know the Causes and Symptoms

Anju Bisht

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Finger pain is as if- a dime a dozen- almost everyone experiences it at some point. The pain in the finger can be associated with one or more fingers. However, it can be due to some injury or might be related to some medical conditions. You can treat the pain yourself, there is no such rocket science in understanding it. In the following, we’ll be taking into account everything to clear out things for you.


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You will experience


You might have understood what finger pain is, next you can note the below if you suffer the same:


  • Redness and¬†Swelling can reflect on infection or inflammation.


  • Change in skin color


  • Coldness


  • Tenderness


  • Burning sensation


  • Stiffness


  • Numbness and tingling might be associated with nerves or blood flow.


Regards to medical conditions such as arthritis can also cause pain in the fingers.


Causes of Finger Pain


Coming to causes of the condition- let’s figure that out in two aspects.


1. Pain in the finger due to associate injuries below. Your fingers might get injured while:


  • Playing sports that involves any bodily contact. Sports such as football, baseball, or soccer.


  • Indulging in Leisure activity like skiing or tennis.


  • Performing households.


  • Too much operation on the machine either at work or at home.


  • Injury from falling.


  • Smashed finger or injury from punching something.


  • Too much involvement in mobile things- like texting, playing or watching things on phone for long while holding it.


  • Compartment syndrome: Any crushing injury which leads to severe swelling, pressure in an area of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.


  • Mallet finger: Due to sports injuries you won’t be able to straighten your finger.


  • Any strains, sprains, and bruises in the finger.


  • Incident of the broken finger bone.


  • Skier’s thumb: Condition involves injury to the ligaments in your thumb.


  • Due to cuts and puncture wounds.


  • Dislocation: Any injury to joint- common in shoulders and fingers.


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2. Medical conditions that might cause finger pain


  • Arthritis: It is an inflammation of the joints due to cartilage breakdown in the joint. The effects can be on one or multiple joints causing pain, stiffness, and swelling.


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: In this, due to pressure on the nerve in the wrist or other nerve problems lead to numbness and pain in the hand and fingers.


  • Raynaud phenomenon: The condition that results in reduced blood flow to the fingers.


  • Dupuytren’s contracture: Thickening and tightening of tissue in the hand, which makes it hard to stretch or straighten the fingers.


  • De Quervain tenosynovitis: Tendons in the thumb side of the wrist become swollen which results in pain.


  • Infections


  • Tumors



So far care is a concern taking care at home can treat or relieve the pain. For the time being avoid such activities that cause pain. As for pain-related to medical condition get help from your healthcare provider.


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