How To Overcome From Repetitive Motion Disorders: Prevention and Treatment

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Repetitive Motion Disorders are the postural conditions that arise due to the regular and everyday tasks performed by an individual. These disorders are the leading factor that is responsible for elevating the common injuries cases worldwide. However, annually more than a million people lose the capability to perform daily chores due to this disorder.


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What is Repetitive Motion Disorders?


Repetitive Motion Disorders (RMDs) is an aggregate of many injurious conditions that are usually transformed as a syndrome with due time, when untreated.


These RMDs are generally stated with term Repetitive Motion Injury or Repetitive Motion Syndrome. These disorders are acquired by human beings from early ages, right after when a routine pattern was set for performing tasks.


The Repetitive Motion Syndrome is basically an injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems due to the repetition of tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression, or poor positions.


This disorder is the most common tendency as the primary causes are the tasks which are performed by a person on daily basis like sitting, running, playing or working is a similar posture.




What are Repetitive Motion Disorders Examples?


The RMDs are generally caused due to damage to nerve tissue caused by inflammation or compression and muscle fatigue. As we discussed earlier, the repetitive motion injury is a group of multiple conditions that are generally injuries or syndrome. Below is a curated list of those definite conditions.


1. Bursitis – Bursitis is caused by the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that is positioned between either tendon (strong white fibrous collagen that attaches muscles to bones) and skin, or between a tendon and bone.


2. Tendonitis – In this case, the inflammation, irritation, and swelling of the tendon appear. The shoulder, the biceps, and the elbow are common parts where this disorder appears.


3. Carpal tunnel syndrome – The Carpal tunnel syndrome is explained as the narrowed tunnel of bones and ligaments in the wrist pinches the nerves in the fingers and the muscles at the base of the thumb.


4. Trigger finger – This condition causes clicking, locking and snapping of the fingers with and without pain.


5. Ganglion cyst – The tissues surrounding certain joints, usually the wrist, become inflamed and swell up with fluid in this scenario.


6. Tenosynovitis – The lining of the sheath which surrounds the tendon becomes inflamed and swollen at times.


7. Epicondylitis- This condition is also called tennis elbow. The upper arm near the elbow becomes sore, inflamed and painful.


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What are the Repetitive Motion Disorders Symptoms?


There are many discrete conditions that come under the umbrella term Repetitive Motion Injury. Moreover, the symptoms are discovered at the initial stage of the disorder which are visible to the sufferer. The symptoms may vary from singular to multiple, the common and major ones are underlying.


  • Swelling or redness of the affected area


  • Loss of flexibility and strength.


  • Pain or stiffness in the fingers, wrists, forearms, shoulders, elbows, hands, neck or back.


  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or fingers.


It is also possible that an individual would not encounter any kind of possible symptoms in such cases, yet in case of any discomfort or disability doctor’s help must be sought.




How to Prevent Repetitive Motion Disorders?


The Repetitive Motion Injury prevention involves some practices that help in relieving the tension of muscles and bones. These practices must be implemented in daily life while performing daily chores. Find the best preventive measures below.

  • Perform enough warm up before performing any vigorous exercise or activity
  • Set a proper and ideal posture while working at the office, cleaning at the house or playing any sports
  • Engage yourself in cooldown activities right after completing the exercises or certain tasks
  • Use bands and strainers at the vulnerable joints and muscle area for reducing the tension.




What are the Treatments for Repetitive Motion Disorders?


The RMDs is the spectrum of multiple conditions which requires treatment procedures and care to reach the checkpoint of finding the cure. The Repetitive Motion Syndrome Treatment procedures are mentioned below.


Splints – The splint is a strip made out of rigid material that is used at supporting and immobilizing muscles and bones to relieve the pressure away.


Medications – Medication management is used for treating the conditions promptly. Medication such as pain relievers, cortisone, and anti-inflammatory are used to reduce pain and swelling.


Physical therapy – The doctor might also suggest some physiotherapy techniques to relieve the disability. These techniques help to relieve soreness and pain in muscles and joints and to strengthen muscles to help prevent future injuries.


Ice therapy – Ice therapy is the best method to relieve the inflammation and sprain of the muscles or bone. Also, ice rubbing can help in reducing pain and swelling.


Surgery – In the case where all of the aforementioned procedures fail to improve the condition and the damaged caused by RMDs is fatal and permanent. Surgical measures are conducted to relieve the symptoms.






The Repetitive Motion Disorder is very often ignored by many people as many of the symptoms involve similar symptoms to the fatigue of vigorous hard work. Whereas, these little can become fatal and severe with due time so, ignorance can be alarming. One must practice the prevention measures and seek doctor’s help in case of any trouble.


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