Don’t judge me at leaving office exact 6


Hi, I am Nitya,  being a full time working mom is not easy for me or for any lady. It becomes difficult if you are surviving without the support of people around you, things can really fall out of place. So, I just wish to say a big Thank you to those who showed their grace and support during my journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


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It has been a long journey that started from my pregnancy (around 4 years back) and still seems to be ongoing with my kid who is 3 and half-year-old.


During my pregnancy, I was suffering from morning sickness and nausea. It was a really tough time for me to go to the office and sit there for long hours. I often had to leave the office early and also got late at times due to the doctor’s appointments, unexpected sicknesses, and many other small or big reasons. So many times I had to rush to the washroom in the middle of the meeting to puke. The biggest support came from my boss. He supported me and allowed me to take leaves when needed and even provided a better work environment and a footrest to support my swollen legs.


After a long maternity leave, all my office colleagues gave me a warm welcome. I was not in touch with my work for so long and I had a pang of guilt inside that I am leaving my child behind all alone because of my job. So it got very difficult for me to come to the rhythm but due to the support of my boss and colleagues, it became easy.


I know, to be an employee I was supposed to leave all my personal matters at the door when I enter the office. As a mom to a small kid, that is hard to do. Unintentionally, every day there were different concerns related to my daughter about her well being, studies, school and all that a child and a mother are supposed to have in the early stages of motherhood.


My late arrivals in the office became an issue, the reason was dropping off my kid at the daycare early morning around 9:oo am. This made me look distracted most of the time of the day, for the reason that I had my head and heart both at the daycare.


At times, I needed unexpected leaves because I had a sick toddler and I had to take her to the pediatric and take care of her at home as she was fuzzy and not ready to stay with anyone due to the illness.


My office dismissal was also exactly at 6 because I had to pick my kid from daycare back home. It was indeed a moment of gratitude towards my boss and everyone who graced me with the needed support and my needs over these last four years.


Hard times came and I decided to quit my job but everyone assured me that I can manage both jobs together. Which gave me a lot of courage and I decided that I will not let my dreams suffer and fulfill all my responsibilities.


And I just want to say that you don’t have to choose between two worlds that you love. You can have them both. You can have a family and a career. It’s not easy, but it is possible.


Yes, the worlds might collide sometimes and make life much more complicated, but it’s worth it.


So don’t stop. Don’t give up. You’ve got this.


Not everyone is going to understand. And that’s OK.


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