12 Best Anti – Aging Foods: That’ll Save Your Skin

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Every person wishes are to be young, beautiful, flawless and healthy all their life. But sometimes it is very hectic to maintain such a healthy lifestyle and sometimes our diet is also improper. Hi, being a content curator, I am sharing 12 best Anti- Aging foods: that’ll save your skin and make you flawless, beautiful and young all your life.


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12 Best Anti-Aging Foods


1. Pomegranate


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Pomegranate carries a high level of antioxidants than most other fruit. The antioxidants in pomegranate can help to remove free radicals, protect cells from damage, and reduce inflammation.


2. Carrots

12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin



Carrots are high in beta-carotene, which actually gets its name from the classic vegetable. The body converts this beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is carrots is called retinol, an ingredient found in many anti-aging creams.


3. Tomatoes


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Tomatoes are also a good source of antioxidants like vitamin E and lycopene, a compound which is good for your heart to your skin. Remove from antioxidant-rich fruits are already popular skin-care ingredients.


4. Sweet Potatoes


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Sweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious root vegetables.  It contains many nutrients, but it is also packed with medicinal benefits. According to the research sweet potatoes carries anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anticancer properties.


5. Green tea


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Green tea carries a powerful antioxidant called EGCG which fights DNA damage from UV rays to prevent skin cancer. It’s also a potent of anti-aging ingredient which combats signs of aging when ingested or applied topically. Green tea is a strong antibacterial agent for treating acne and unclogging pores.


6. Oranges


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Oranges are loaded with water, so they hydrate the skin and the cells. One large orange is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps make collagen and that, in turn, helps to keep your skin supple. Although, vegetables and fruits are great for your skin.


7. Oatmeal


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber that gets rid of “bad” cholesterol. Oats also are packed with the antioxidants that do battle against cell damage, which can help to plump skin and reduce wrinkles.


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8. Yogurt


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Low-fat yogurt has a variety of health benefits. It gives the calcium and phosphorus which can boost tooth enamel, which will make your smile even brighter. In addition, yogurt consumption appears to help reduce skin wrinkling. Berries also have a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your skin.


9. Lentils


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


These are great sources of protein and are loaded with fiber and nutrients. Our skin is essentially made of protein, so if you don’t get enough healthy protein in your diet, your skin will reflect.


10. Blueberries


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Having blueberries not only tastes good but can make you look good as well because they increase circulation to help your skin glow. Blueberries are also filled with vitamin C, another antioxidant crucial for collagen production adds Jarosh.


11. Watermelon


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin


Full of vitamins like- Vitamin A, B6, and C, watermelon is also packed with lycopene and amino acids, all combining to contribute towards healthy skin, aiding the immune system, and benefitting from antioxidants.


12. Leafy greens


12 Best Anti - Aging Foods That’ll Save Your Skin



Leafy greens are high in vitamin C content enhances collagen production to keep skin firm and smooth. But that’s not all. Vitamin A it provides may promote strong, shiny hair, while vitamin K has been shown to help reduce inflammation in cells. In general, vegetables and fruits are great for the skin.



How Can we Slow Down Aging Naturally?


There are a few ways which you can use to slow down your aging naturally:


  • Save your skin from the sun every day


  • Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan


  • If you smoke, stop


  • Avoid repetitive facial expressions


  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet


  • Drink less alcohol


  • Exercise most days of the week


  • Cleanse your skin gently


Which Oil is Best for Anti-Aging?


There are some oils which are best for wrinkles, eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles such as:


  • Jojoba Oil


  • Pomegranate Seed Oil


  • Frankincense Oil


  • Lavender Oil


  • Rosehip Oil




Hello, ladies, I think this blog and these 12 best Anti- Aging foods: That’ll save your skin would completely help you to make your skin beautiful, glowing and flawless. If your skin gets to burn from the sun or you may experience any wrinkles and dull skin due to age then consult a brilliant and experienced dermatologist.


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