Do You Feel The Big Toe Pain When Walking?

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Walking is an everyday job, and until human knew how to fly, it becomes important that any discomfort in walking is given enough attention. There are times when big toes pains when walking, while we ignore the pain thinking of a mild hurt or bruise, it can mean much more. If the pain is persistent and happens on a regular basis, you might have to get it checked properly. Why does the big toe hurt? OR what causes the big toe pain when walking? We are here to answer all your doubts. Look into the reasons that might be the cause behind the pain you are facing.


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Reasons for Big Toe Pain When Walking:


There are a couple of reasons why you might be facing regular pain in your big toes, and it is time you pay attention to the following conditions that serve as a cause.





A condition which is scientifically known as hallux valgus. It happens when the big toe starts to tilt at an angle towards the second toe. You might also see a bony bump next to your toe on your feet. Bunions cause pain, irritation, and swelling at the base and side of your toe joint. One of the causes of developing can also be you suffering from arthritis.



Ingrown Toenail:


It happens very frequently that the nail grows in the side of the skin area. It takes on the edge of the toe and in the sides. The area becomes tender and pains when there is force applied on the big toe. The causes of this situation might be from your food choices to injuries that you might have suffered. Painkillers are the first choices of people in this case.


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Turfed Toe:


Turf toe is a type of sprain that usually results in pain in the soft tissue and ligaments at the end of the big toe. It might be one of the causes of big toe pain when walking. The condition usually causes swelling, discoloration, and sharp pain, which might restrict movement. It can also be caused if you put too much pressure on the big toe while stretching or flexing your feet. It’s either the result of force, which is felt immediately or a repetitive injury that develops slowly over time.





An inflammation that causes and affects the bones at the bottom of the big toe. They are known as sesamoids, which are bones embedded in tendons. This condition might cause pain while you walk and movement occurs with the help of the big toe. This condition demands immobility until it is not taken care of or treated.



While the treatment of the above mentioned is usually the consumption of pain medicine, yet if the condition worsens there might be suggestions to go under surgery to finally get away with the regular pain that is felt by the individual. We are extremely ignorant about our conditions until it has gone out of hand. It is necessary that action should be taken as per the need arises and symptoms are seen. We have health expert and consultants to solve all your problems, feel free to contact.


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